Disclaimer & Giveaway Policy

FTC Disclaimer: 

We love books. We love authors. We love author events about books. We love talking about books and authors and events (etc!). This is a hobby for us and if we were paid for it, it would become work...And no one wants to mix work and fun. Therefore, all opinions and thoughts here are purely of the fangirl variety and completely uncompensated.

Sometimes we get books from publishers/authors to review or talk about. We will say so in the post if that is the case, however, this never changes our opinions or thoughts. 

Giveaway Policy:

We love giving away books but there has to be a few guidelines. 

  • Unless otherwise specified, all giveaways are US only. We do host some international giveaways so be on the lookout!
  • You're only eligible to win once every 6 months. We want everyone to have a chance.
  • Please only enter with real accounts, no contest accounts. We try to give one "free" entry with each giveaway because we understand that not everyone engages in social media.
  • Respond to us within 24 hours. We will email the winner, as well as tag them on appropriate social media.