Review Policy

At Tales of the Ravenous Reader, Nancy & Christy review Young Adult Fiction, Graphic Novels/Comics, Non-Fiction and New Adult Fiction. 
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We are open to most genres of literature within the Young Adult and New Adult category including (but not limited to):

Historical Fiction

We primarily review books Young Adult novels that have been provided by publishers, due to time constraints and a constantly growing pile of books to review. Not every book we receive will be reviewed or featured. We currently accept a very limited amount of individual requests and rarely accept self published books. Acceptance of a request will depend on time, availability, and interest in the story.

We accept published books both printed and in e-book format. All summaries/blurbs featured before a review are taken from, the ARC back cover, or the publisher’s website.

Our Review System is as follows:

♥♥♥♥♥ Love it! A must read
♥♥♥♥ Great, give it a try
♥♥♥ Okay, a decent read
♥♥ Meh, read at your own risk
♥ Would not recommend
DNF=Did Not Finish

WE DO NOT accept/receive monetary compensation for our reviews or other features. In addition to posting here, we share all of our posts across a variety of social media and cross-post reviews to Goodreads and Amazon. We participate in a variety of blog tours and features, as well.

Please remember that the views and opinions expressed on our blog are purely subjective.

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