A Brand New Serial for Your Consumption - Geek Actually (Review, ep 1.1)

Maybe you missed my obsession coverage of ReMade, a YA weekly serial that I gushed over for 15 weeks in the fall/winter. NOT A PROBLEM because we are back today with another amazing serial - Geek Actually!

I've been intrigued by the other serials but it wasn't until I saw Geek Actually that I pulled the trigger. An ongoing series focused around a group of geeky women? Yes. YES. Sign me up.

In WTF, we are introduced to Michelle, the editor trying to hold together the deadline, Aditi, her friend who is learning the ropes of being a fantasy writer (clue: it's more than just the writing!), Neesha, the gaming engineer who is living in a man's world, and Elli, who is basically me haha. 

I loved getting a little window into their lives (especially Aditi, who gives us a little more insight at the end of the episode). I enjoyed seeing this set of women with diverse "geekdoms" come together and overall just live their lives. Make no mistake, this is an adult serial that checks all the boxes! 

Come back weekly for mini reviews, including next week when I will review 1.2 and 1.3 together! As always, the first episode is free on audio and ebook - so you can try it out! 

WTF (Geek Actually 1.1)
by Cathy Yardley
Publisher: Serial Box
Published: June 7th 2017
Source: Publisher

Meet your new best girlfriends. Michelle is a hard-nosed Science Fiction editor who is used to things going her way; Taneesha is a talented video game programmer who is used to being the odd (wo)man out. Aditi is a fantasy writer on the verge of her big break; Christina is a rebel on the sidelines of Hollywood. And Elli is a fan – of anything and everything that keeps are from “proper adulting.” Together they are Rebel Scum (at least in their shared group chat), and best friends through thick and thin. They might live far apart but through the power of the internet and a shared love of all things geek, they are ready to face the world side by side.

This is the 1st episode in the first season of Geek Actually, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Cathy Yardley.

Michelle and Aditi have been friends for ages, but with Michelle as Aditi’s editor for her debut fantasy novel, their relationship is under a bit of strain. Aditi needs to blow off some steam—a hot Tinder date does the trick (and then some). Meanwhile, Taneesha and Elli are both having some job trouble.

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  1. I definitely want to read this one. I need to go sign up. This story sounds perfect!


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