Getting Into the Wilderness with Trish Cook & Outward Blonde

We are totally suckers for a cute cover so when Trish Cook's latest, Outward Blonde, landed in our laps, we couldn't resist checking it out! The colors! The font! The little racoon! Oh my gosh.

We invited Trish over to chat a little about her inspiration and research process. Outward Blonde is the perfect book if you want a little humor and some feels!

Interview with Trish Cook

Lizzie is taken from her life of luxury and dropped into the wilderness. If this happened to you, what would be your reaction?

A few years back, I enticed my family into going eco-camping on a pretty, fairly uninhabited island. We slept in tents, took cold bucket showers, and ate camp food. I thought it was fun; they are still heckling me about how terrible the trip was. But I actually WANTED to have that experience. I’m pretty sure I’d be just as mad/sad as Lizzie is to be sent to wilderness if I had no warning about it and no desire to be there.

What was your research process like? Did you visit any wilderness camps?

Along with online research, I interviewed parents who had sent their kids to wilderness and teens who had been there. From what I gathered, Camp Smiley is actually pretty luxe in comparison because Lizzie and crew got to take real showers and wash their clothes every week or so back at home base. At other places, campers are out in the wilderness for at least a month before a visit to civilization.

You addressed a medical condition that is often overlooked - IBS. What inspired you to include it in the story? 

Someone I love has terrible IBS and I’ve seen firsthand how embarrassing and painful it can be.

by Trish Cook
Published: April 18th 2017
Publisher: Adaptive Books
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Sixteen-year-old Lizzie Finkelstein is a hard-partying socialite who lives a charmed life with her mother in Manhattan. After a public drunken sexual escapade results in both an arrest and an embarrassing viral video online, Lizzie’s parents stage a late night intervention. Lizzie finds herself whisked away to Utah to learn a lesson or two about taking responsibility at Camp Smiley, a wilderness survival program for troubled kids.

Camp Smiley is a far cry from Lizzie’s high society life in New York. Without her stable of luxury hair/makeup items, her teacup Pomeranian, contact with the outside world or access to social media, Lizzie must face the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Grouped with troubled campers in which she’s certain she has nothing in common (except Jack, who’s pretty hot), Lizzie must now learn to dig her own toilet in the woods and build a fire by rubbing two sticks together before the camp will ever let her go back to her former existence. She has a choice: get with the program, or get out of there.

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