When Firefly Meets Dune: Shadow Run Blog Tour w/GIVEAWAY

By AdriAnne Strickland and Michael Miller

Hello everyone, and thank you for visiting during our spot on the SHADOW RUN tour.  A lot of buzz has been produced about SHADOW RUN and we are very excited to give you an opportunity to win a copy of this action-packed Sci-Fi adventure that has been quoted as Firefly meet Dune. Simply fill out the rafflecopter form at the end of this post. Yes!! It's that easy. GOOD LUCK!!

(Delacorte Press | On sale March 21, 2017)

Her ship. His plan. Their survival.

Nev just started as the cargo hauler on the starship Kaitan Heritage. His captain, Qole, is the youngest-ever person on Alaxak to have her own ship. She’s brassy and bold, and she tolerates no argument from her crew of orphans, fugitives, and con men. As for Nev, he’s actually a prince in hiding. He thinks Qole holds the key to changing galactic civilization, but when her cooperation proves difficult to obtain, he resolves to get her to his home planet by any means necessary.

Before they know it, a rival royal family is after Qole, and they’re more interested in stealing her abilities than in keeping her alive. Nev’s mission to manipulate her becomes one to save her. To survive, she’ll have to trust her would-be kidnapper. Nev may be royalty, but Qole is discovering a deep reservoir of power of her own--and stars have mercy on whoever tries to hurt her ship or her crew.

For fans of Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s Illuminae, Pierce Brown’s Red Rising, and Star Wars, SHADOW RUN is an addictive, edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.

ADRIANNE STRICKLAND and MICHAEL MILLER met in their hometown of Palmer, Alaska, where they agreed on 99% of book taste and thus decided to write together. Adri spends her summers as a commercial fisherwoman in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and the rest of the year writing. Michael grew up off the grid in a homestead in Alaska and now works in IT and tech. This is their first book together. Visit them on Twitter, AdriAnne at @AdriAnneMS and Michael at @begemotike.


This is an US only giveaway. The prize (1 hardcover copy of Shadow Run) will be sent by the publisher.

Please fill out the rafflecopter form and make sure to adhere to the rules. We verify every winner and if you do not follow the guidelines you will be disqualified.

United States entrants only
Giveaway will run from 4/06/17 to 4/13/17 PST.
Entrants will be notified by email and given 24 hours to respond after such time has passed and no response another winner will be selected.


  1. Loved Illuminae! The writing style, typography, and general layout is fantastic!

  2. It's hard not to pick Illuminae! It's just so incredible!!

  3. Mine is probably also Illuminae. You should read it (again) because you liked it the first time lol. Thanks :)

  4. I am fairly new to sci-fi books. I really enjoyed Starflight. Firefly is one of my all time favorite shows and book/graphic novels so when I saw it was similar I knew I had to read this one.

  5. Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes. I read this book four years ago, and I still think of this wonderful boy when I encounter a raven or thief.

  6. I will always adore "Brave New World," because it's just so darn amusing.

  7. My favorite scifi book was The Maze Runner. I couldn't put it down and loved the suspense even more than in the movie.

  8. My favorite is Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

  9. My fav sci-if is The Diabolic, but I definitely want to read the Illuminae books already!

  10. I embarrassingly haven't read much Sci-fi at all. I've been really trying to find some good ones to get me started though!

  11. Hmm. I really enjoyed Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

  12. I love Illuminae and Gemina. So fast paced and a unique format!

  13. I LOVED Ready Player One!!!
    But really, there are so many great ones!!! Red Rising Trilogy, The Martian, The Girl with All The Gifts, The Chaos Walking trilogy, Lunar Chronicles, etc... I love this genre!


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