RUN!! Don't Walk to meet Katherine Webber Event and Interview

As I always tell everyone, I think that I am lucky to have a plethora of authors come and visit the SF Bay Area and it was proven again when a few weeks ago NYMBC hosted an event with YA author KATHERINE WEBBER. I read Katherine's debut novel, THE HEARTBEATS OF WING JONES and positively loved it and was very excited to have the opportunity to interview her prior to her event. I also had that happiness double, if not triple because the ever gracious JANDY NELSON, moderated her event. It was a great night filled with much laughter, book talk and how an incredible story was written during NanoWriMo. Please grab a cup of coffee and check out my interview below Katherine and my event coverage for that night. Enjoy!!

Right before the event with Katherine and Jandy I had the opportunity to sit down with Katherine and we got to talk about Wing Jones and all the wonderful things her debut novel has to offer. Please forgive the bit of a fangirl moment but I really enjoyed this novel and I know you will to. Make sure to purchase it and then let me know how much you love it....because I know you surely will. Stay tuned for my review of HEARTBEATS OF WING JONES will be up on the blog soon.

Now onto the awesome event with Katherine and Jandy. It was a great night and I hope that if you weren't able at attend that you can enjoy the evening though these fun bits.


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