Get Ready for This Amazing Gatsby Retelling! (Pre-Order Bonus)

If you've been following Christy on Twitter, you may have seen her #1 read of the year...

The Duke of Bannerman Prep
by Katie A. Nelson

So, what's so great about this book?


It's a Gatsby retelling - and it's FREAKING FABULOUS. 

Set in a prep school and centered around the debate team, it's the perfect way to update Gatsby and Nick's stories. But don't take our word for it.

What publishing is saying...

"Nelson offers a contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby that goes beyond many of the themes of the original novel to make for a spirited look at what happens when a good kid makes some bad choices in a place where consequences don’t always follow. . . . A satisfying examination of morality and the decisions that change our lives." --Kirkus Reviews

"In an effective contemporary update of The Great Gatsby, debut novelist Nelson accurately reflects the stresses high school students face in both academics and extracurricular activities. Through Tanner’s realistic voice and the situations he faces, readers comes to believe that a place like Bannerman and a boy like the Duke could actually exist, though Nelson is careful not to romanticize the Duke’s criminal behavior or Tanner’s role in it." --Publishers Weekly

What some of our favorite authors are saying...

“A wholly original look at competition, success, and how well we can ever really know another person. The fresh, addictive Great-Gatsby-as-high-school-debaters retelling you never knew you were missing.” --Kelly Loy Gilbert, author of Conviction

"A dark, surprising, suspense-filled twist on our American obsession with living extraordinary lives." --Sonya Mukherjee, author of Gemini

“A thrilling page-turner and a sparkling debut. Prepare to be drawn into the dazzling escape of lavish parties and riveted by Bannerman's infamous Duke.” --Jessica Taylor, author of A Map for Wrecked Girls and Wandering Wild

Read an excerpt here.

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by Katie A. Nelson
Published: May 9th 2017
Publisher: Sky Pony

Words are weapons. Facts can be manipulated. And nothing is absolute—especially right and wrong.

Tanner McKay is at Bannerman Prep for only one reason: the elite school recruited him after he brought his public school’s debate team to victory last year. Bannerman wants a championship win. Debate is Tanner’s life—his ticket out of his poor-as-dirt life and family drama, straight to a scholarship to Stanford and the start of a new, better future.

But when he's paired with the Duke, his plans for an easy ride seem as if they’ve hit the rails. The Duke is the quintessential playboy, beloved by everyone for his laissez-faire attitude, crazy parties, and seemingly effortless favors.

And a total no-show when it comes to putting in the work to win.

But as Tanner gets sucked into the Duke’s flashy world, the thrill of the high life and the adrenaline of existing on the edge becomes addictive. A small favor here and there seems like nothing in exchange for getting everything he ever dreamed of.

But the Duke’s castle is built on shady, shaky secrets, and the walls are about to topple down.

A contemporary retelling of The Great Gatsby, Katie Nelson’s taut debut is perfect for fans of John Green’s Looking for Alaska, Kate Brian’s Private series, and anyone who’s encountered the cut-throat world of competitive high school.


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