635 Miles, 24 Hours, 11 books = a Fangirl Moment + More with #slay-dy Lesley Livingston (+GIVEAWAY)

Hey Everyone!! I am so excited for you to see my fangirl moment with Lesley Livingston. As some of you know my storage unit was robbed and a lot of my favorite books were stolen and unfortunately my entire Lesley Livingston collection was part of that loss. So, fast forward a few weeks and Penguin announces their Winter tour lineup and OMG! Lesley Livingston is part of the tour. Now for you to understand this my glee. Not only had Lesley never toured the US, but she was going to Portland and heck that was close enough for me. Why the excitement...let me back it up a minute, or more like a few years, Ok! more like 8 years.

When I began blogging I tended to favor the Paranormal and Fantasy YA genre and Lesley's Wondrous Strange was everything I could have wanted in a book. It made me an instant fangirl and I have purchased everything she has written ever since. Over the years we have chatted through Twitter, I have secretly wished I could be at all her launches in Canada and I kept hoping she would make it state side one day. I will always recommend her books and my favorite series is her Never series, which is difficult to find in print but you can listen to it on audio. Time travel, swoon worthy boys and some bad ass females. It's a readers dream as it was my dream to finally meet and chat with Lesley. We discussed her newest novel THE VALIANT and I hope you can grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my fangirl moment and get to know more about Lesley and more.

Now check out how the PENGUIN SLAYDIES were able to finish off their tour in style.

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  1. I love everything about this video and this post! You ladies are my blogging idols!


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