Confessions of Two High School Disasters - High School Hell

Confessions of Two High School Disasters

Christy circa 2002 - Senior Photo

Christy's Disasters

My Smile - On the Fritz.

Alright, are you ready for my most embarrassing story EVER? Seriously. When I was 14, I had my two front teeth replaced with a bridge after they became loose in a childhood accident. While I waited for the permanent bridge to arrive at the dentist's office, I had to wear a retainer with a fake tooth on it. I was instructed to take it out to eat but yeah, no, I was not going to do that at school. Cue an early morning meet up with my friends, where we are laughing and chatting. I ended up laughing so hard that my retainer flew out of my mouth and onto the ground. Worse yet...What was a laughing at? A chicken making a weird noise. OY.

(Bonus follow up: I moved schools my junior year and thought I could get away from being the girl with the fake teeth but nope. My very first day someone noticed the back of my front teeth was all metal. So there you have it).

Prom Queen - Not Today

My prom story is no modern day Carrie but it had the potential to be pretty awful. Not a single guy asked me to prom and the male friends I had asked all turned me down. I was never the type to let it get me down so I asked a girl friend to tag along. We had it all planned and on the day of...She got sick. I didn't want to miss my senior prom so I decided to go alone. I'll admit, I was nervous about walking into prom alone. I wasn't really close to any of the people who planned to attend and I didn't really know how the whole prom thing worked anyhow. 

This story ends positively, so only part of it could be considered disastrous. Once I arrived, I hung out with some acquaintances and had a total blast!

Nancy's Disasters

Senior Photos

As everyone knows Senior photos are a pretty big deal. Super everything that we cannot wait to do once we are a Senior in High School. My school had us take our senior pictures the summer before our Senior year began. Initially I was not interested in acquiring photos because I believed I looked hideous. Me in feathers and makeup? Please, it was not my scene. So, I simply took the one picture that was needed for the year book and I was done. I was content with my decision until my friends all began getting their Senior photos taken and the green monster of jealousy began to tap me on my shoulder and make me second guess myself. I then caved and made an appointment during the Christmas holidays to have my Senior photos taken.

Fast forward to my appointment and I knew that my luck was out the moment I woke up feeling like crap. The feeling only got worse as my appointment time got closer and I tried to reschedule but it would take another 2 months and at that point why bother. So, I stuck it out and showed up under the influence of OTC meds, lots of them folks, and whatever remedy my mother could muster. Initially I booked the appointment with the firm believe that I would have some light make up done with some tasteful props, but when you're sick and under the influence of medication apparently you will agree to anything. Take a look at that scandalous photo above folks and see the proof of my shame. This is sooo not what I wanted and although I may look ok I was truly ill with MONO.  My lesson was learned. Do not take photos of any nature while under the influence of Nyquil.

School Spirit 

I was always involved in spirit squads while in high school and while on the Drill Team I ended up with a snag in my hose right before we were set to take the field. A teammate suggested the use of clear nail polish and after begging half my squad for some assistance I was able to go on the field with confidence that my hose would not run any further. Yet, maybe I should have waited for it to dry completely because halfway through my routine I could feel the initial snag begin to spread down my inner thigh and it would not stop. I tried to maneuver my body in a way so that people could not see but it only made my movements seem off and it only drew more attention my way.

At that point I decided to keep going, damn the snag and it's obvious tear down my leg and spreading faster than I could avoid. "When is this routine going to end?" I kept silently praying and I was so focused on that fact that I forgot that our routine finale included a jump split that I completely spaced out about it. Until we got into formation and my teammates begin their jump splits and I was left with the option of running off the field or doing my job. Needless to say my school spirit prevailed and as I jumped and landed in the grass, legs split I could feel the initial snag tearing open into a wide mess. Needless to say I was very thankful this all happened before cell phones were an everyday thing because I would have tons of photos to share with you.

by Emma Chastain
Published: March 7th 2017
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Find It:

In the tradition of Bridget Jones’s Diary, a lovably flawed high school student chronicles her life as she navigates the highs and lows of family, friendship, school, and love in a diary that sparkles with humor and warmth.

I’m Chloe Winter, and my life is kiiiiind of a disaster.

On the plus side, I got the lead in the musical!

On the down side…

1. I’m a kissing virgin (so so so embarrassing).
2. My best friend, Hannah, is driving me insane.
3. I think I’m in love with Mac Brody, the most popular senior guy, whose girlfriend is so beautiful she doesn’t even need eyeliner.
4. My dad won’t stop asking me if I’m okay.
5. Oh, and my mom moved to Mexico to work on her novel. But it’s fine—she’ll be back soon. She said so.

Mom tells me everything is copy. So I’m writing down all the horrible things that happen to me in this diary.

This is the worst year of my life so far, unless maybe it’s the best.


  1. I think Christy definitely has Nancy beat on this one lol. Lots of bad school pictures out there!
    I actually paid for very nice senior pictures, and with my own money, then the yearbook took separate photos where we all wore "the drape" and it was really close to the end of the year. I had just dyed my hair black from my natural dark blonde--and it looked witchy, plus I'm looking down in both photos. Like, no eye contact whatsoever! Naturally they used those for the yearbook and didn't even let us choose which one (mine both sucked, but they used the suckier one of course).
    Tell me a photographer couldn't have snapped one more and maybe told me where to actually look!?!? It ruined my senior yearbook. And when we have class reunions, that's the one everyone looks at ...the one they use for slideshows and stuff. :'(

    1. I had a similar experiece...A mean girl on yearbook asked me for one of my photos and because I hated her, I gave her a different one where I wasn't smiling. Of course, she swapped out this one for the ugly one.

      I wanna see your photo!!

    2. Oh! High school was not my best time and I never wore make up. So when I look at this photo I just don't recognize myself.


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