The Final Book in the Zombie Girl Series

Last year, we introduced Eve Brenner - Zombie Girl. Today we are bringing you the latest trailer and an excerpt to get you excited for the final book in the four part series. 

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Traveling with Vincent made it hard to be discreet. He was a monster alright, and he was out of control with his feedings. Any living thing we found had been ripped to shreds in mere seconds. I was half furious that he kept killing all our leads, but even more mad that he never saved any grub for me.
Originally, I had thought that working with Vincent to find Agent Williams and Cam was a miracle. Slowly I began to realize it had become more like babysitting, and I was in no shape to be watching over anyone. These days the decay had begun setting in faster and faster. I was still quite strong, but not too quick and not too clear headed. At times I would hear voices and see things that weren’t really there.
“All a part of the process,” Vincent would say with a twinge of a German accent. “You slowly lose your body, then your mind, then you’re gone.”
Living with this reality day to day left me feeling quite hopeless. I wasn’t sure I’d make it to save anyone, let alone Cam.
As we continued our journey along deserted roads, it became very difficult not to feel despair. I dragged my feet as Vincent sniffed the air ahead of me. His senses and strength were better than mine. He had told me that this was because he was barely human anymore, and had made me promise to dispose of him when he wasn’t able to speak anymore, in that moment, I would know that he was truly gone. He reminded me of my promise every day, but it only left me wondering, who would be there to do this for me? I didn’t want to be a monster either.
I call up ahead to him, “Hey Vincent, can we stop a moment? I’m tired and haven’t eaten in a while, it’s getting hard to keep up.”
He stops and turns to look back at me. “It’s going to be very difficult to find your friend alive if we have to keep stopping like this, Eve.”
Yes, of course, I understood that, but my legs wouldn’t take me any further at the moment. “Please Vincent, just a moment.”
He sighs and obliges.
“While we’re waiting here, Vince my man, tell me why you’re getting stronger each day and I’m getting the shit kicked out of me with just a little walking? What’s the deal?”
Vincent shrugs. “I don’t know, it’s just the way the virus acts. It seems to have a mind of its own, which is why we won’t need ours eventually. When the virus takes over, our brain belongs to it. We won’t have memories, we won’t have feelings, we’ll only have our hunger left to us.”
“Jesus! You’re Mr. Positivity aren’t you? As if I wasn’t down enough already!” I say dusting off my dirt-covered pants.
Vincent glares at me. “Eve, I’m only trying to help. I’m only here because you need me, or else I would have put a bullet in my own head back at the facility… Now wouldn’t you prefer the truth and be prepared?”
He doesn’t give me time to answer. Instead, he throws me over his shoulder as if I were as light as a spring jacket and continues our journey along the abandoned road. If I hadn’t been so weak, I might have protested, just for the sake of my pride.

About the Author
A. Giacomi an author, an educator, a mom to two tiny humans, a Canadian from Toronto, and a MAJOR geek/fangirl. She loves Star Wars, anything Tim Burton, Harry Potter all day, and did someone say Superheroes? YES PLEASE! All of her fandoms echo through her work, and anyone who geeks as much as she does will get a kick out of it. You can catch the latest updates about her writing on her blog:

by A. Giacomi
Published: January 5th 2017

Eve manages to escape the CSIS facility a second time, but is a much different girl. Emotionally drowning as the Azrael virus evolves, she feels less and less human each day. With zombies escaping from the CSIS facility, there is no time to pause, she knows the virus is will spread rapidly. Eve is on a mission to find her family and friends before it’s too late. It’s a race against time as Eve becomes the hunter as well as the hunted. She needs to stop the infected from taking over or everyone may suffer her same fate. In the end, only heroes matter.

This YA series is told from multiple perspectives, all sympathetic towards our zombie girl. It’s different from other zombie stories in the sense that the zombie isn’t just mindless and hungry. Eve’s focus is to maintain as much as her humanity as possible. The series holds lots of action, a problematic love triangle, and probably more heart than you would expect from a zombie tale.


  1. Not sure how I missed this series, I love a good zombie tale! I just added the first one to Goodreads.

  2. This is the first I've hear of this series too! But I do love a good zombie story. I might add this to my October TBR pile.

    1. There seems to be so few, too. I'm glad she put this one out!


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