A Fangirl's Dream - Nancy Interviews Victoria Schwab

Hello my dears. OMG!!! I hope that you enjoyed this bit of a fangirl moment that made me the happiest girl. As you know Christy and I love to interview authors that come to visit our local bookstores and we had tried to get an interview with Victoria but she was already slated to interview with someone else. Boo Hoo!! My heart was broken because I am a big fan of her work and absolutely LOVE The Darker Shade of Magic series. 

So, fast forward to the day of the event and I am tweeting my friends about my excitement for the event and sadness over not interviewing Victoria and before I knew it Victoria tweeted back that If I could get to the event earlier (Hello! we are always 4 hours early) that she would grant me an interview. To say that I had a big girl freak out was an understatement. I hope that my crazy fan girl moment came across well and that you can enjoy this brief yet very informative interview that we have for you. We discussed favorite characters, the inception of ADSOM and of course the BIG movie news that just came out the day of the event.

Sit back and enjoy and stay tuned because we have a big surprise coming your way.


  1. Yay Nancy!!! Can't wait to see what the surprise

  2. Wow, what an opportunity! You're very lucky.

    As promised on Twitter, I'm hopping from blog to blog to leave these behind: 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


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