Interview with Nicole Luiken, Author of In Truth and Ashes (+GIVEAWAY)

Hi everyone! We are here today to celebrate the release of In Truth & Ashes with Nicole Luiken, author of The Otherselves series. With the series coming to a close, we had some final questions to help close out the series. Check it out and check out In Truth & Ashes, out now!

Describe the following in ten words or less for In Truth and Ashes.
  • Where the last book left off. Sorceress Qeturah dead; Air & Stone Worlds saved.
  • The overall story arc. Belinda saves the world with the help of her otherself.
  • The characters. Belinda (heroine), Demian (demigod), Leah (heroine), Gideon (phoenix), Malachi (villain)

The worlds you build in each of the books rely on previously built worlds. How do you keep track of the various aspects of the worlds through each of the books?

I use a program called Scrivener to keep track of my notes. I have files for each character, files for each plot arc, world-building files, outlines, research notes, etc. That way all my little scraps of paper are filed in a way that makes it easy to look up a detail I’ve forgotten. (Scrivener also has a word processor, but I don’t use it.) I also keep paperbacks of the earlier books handy so I can quickly look up a detail that’s escaped my memory.

Each book in the series has different main characters. Do you have a favorite? 

Oooh, toughie. Probably either Gideon, who’s a complete sweetheart,or The Phantom (PIers) from book two--he was a bit of a rogue and fun to write.

What do you hope for the characters now that their stories are over?

I see Ryan from Through Fire & Sea having a successful acting career and dating Holly, who’s now in college. I see Audrey engaged to marry Piers and going off on secret adventures, perhaps to help liberate the far-off Kingdom of Oriac. I see Dorotea and Jasper, and Leah and Gideon helping to rebuild their shattered worlds. I see Belinda and Demian happily Bonded with Belinda going to college while Demian continues to create art.

Now that you've finished the stories of True and Mirror worlds, what's up next for you?

I have two other young adult projects on the go. I just completed the first draft of Doppelganger, which is the first book in a new fantasy series about a shapeshifter. The tagline is “First I took the place of her bodyguard, next I’ll replace the princess.” The other book, Feral, is a paranormal about a werewolf girl Chloe who’s worried that she’s a Dud (i.e. a werewolf who can’t change to her wolf form). I wrote the first draft of it two years ago and I’m itching to dive into revisions.

by Nicole Luiken
Published: January 2nd 2017
Publisher: EntangledTeen
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What she can’t remember could ruin her life.

The Mirror Worlds are but dull reflections of the True World, where magic and technology blend together…

On the True World, Belinda Loring has known from childhood that she must Bond with the son of another noble First Family. Uniting the families ensures hers will hold onto its powerful position, and so she’s always pushed down the tender feelings she has for her best friend—gorgeous, steadfast Demian, who isn’t noble. 

But when the ceremonial magic goes disastrously wrong, Belinda becomes a national disgrace. Scorned as Broken, she turns to Demian for help getting revenge on the man who ruined her: the radical Malachi.

But the seeds of Malachi’s murderous plans lie buried in Belinda’s past, in the dark days of her kidnapping—a period of which she has no memory. And Demian may hold the key to recovering all that she’s lost—and saving the worlds.


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