Authors & Bloggers - Bay Area BFFs Brunch with NYMBC

We constantly (not-so-humble) brag about how amazing the Bay Area book world is (Every once in awhile, Christy's husband has to tell her to dial it down a notch [WHAT? I can't help that we have the best bookish stuff happening here and I want everyone to know!]). So one day, when we were chatting with Camille, she was like, "Hey, how come the bloggers never get together?"

And thus the Bay Area BFFs Authors <3 Bloggers Brunch was born.

Last Saturday, January 14th, NYMBC and Books, Inc - Santa Clara hosted 13 authors and bloggers and let us tell you...


Each blogger paired up with an author and once the interviews are all posted (including our own with Rahul Kanaki and Sonya Mukherjee), we will link them here. In the meantime, check out the recap vlog from the day!

Participating Authors
  • Rahul Kanakia
  • Traci Chee
  • Christy Lenzi
  • Alexandra Sirowy
  • Sonya Mukherjee
  • Jessica Taylor
  • Kelly Gilbert
  • Parker Peevyhouse
  • Tim Floreen
  • Nina LaCour
  • Tara Sim
  • Tricia Stirling

Participating Bloggers


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