The Ravenous Readers Read ReMade: The Slow Fade - S01E014 (Review)

When it all started we shared the ins and outs of Serial Box and Remade. Last week, we reviewed S01E13. Come back weekly for ongoing reviews of your new favorite way to consume YA fiction.

WHOA. Last week's episode basically came out of left field and I am SO here for it. At this point, I'm pretty sure Holden is my favorite (though I'm Umta-curious). The Slow Fade is a Holden-centric episode and that's a-ok with me.

He stepped closer. “I want answers.” “Ask me questions.” “Why are we here?” Arcadia cocked her head. “To rest and recuperate.”

The question we've all been waiting to have answered...How the heck did these kids get from dead (?) to ReMade and why were they chosen? I won't spoil it for you but I will tell you that we get to find out this episode and it is WAY crazier (and cooler) than I thought. All of me was like, "ohhhhh yes ok I get it now" when the big reveal came.

“We can keep talking, but I need you to do something for me first. I reached out to you alone because I’ve been watching you, Holden. Out of everyone, I knew you would be the most open to hearing what I have to say. But it’s not without consequences. Real consequences that will affect every one of you.”

Arcadia, the sentient AI who's been the driving force behind the ReMade's safety, has a request of massive proportions. And she chooses Holden to decide. Having recently read We are the Ants and having it still rattle inside my head, I feel for Holden's decision. At best, we are all still human and those pesky emotions can really be killer at times. Did Holden make the right decision, and is it the right decision for one or for all? 


by Matthew Cody
Published: December 14th 2016
Publisher: Serial Box
Source: Publisher

You live. You love. You Die. Now RUN. ReMade is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will take readers past the boundaries of time, space, and even death.

This is the 14th episode of ReMade, a 15-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Matthew Cody.

After a long journey with many trials and tribulations, the teens had finally started to think they’d found someplace to call home. Little did they know the city of Arcadia was also someone. When she finally makes contact, it’s with a grim request – and how the group responds will have major consequences. 

ReMade Season One: In one moment the lives of twenty-three teenagers are forever changed, and it’s not just because they all happen to die. “ReMade” in a world they barely recognize – one with robots, space elevators, and unchecked jungle – they must work together to survive. They came from different places, backgrounds, and families, and now they might be the last people on earth. Lost meets The Maze Runner in this exciting serial adventure.


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