It's Christmas in the Bay with Jay Asher - Event Recap and GIVEAWAY

#WhatLight | November 3rd, 2016 

Jay Asher joined excited fans for cocoa and a surprise visit from one of the stars of Thirteen Reasons Why! 

What Light came out just in time to enjoy some cocoa and get excited about a new holiday read...Which is exactly what eager fans did in the north bay! 

The best surprise of the evening was Devin Druid, Tyler from Thirteen Reasons Why, stopping by (plus a whole bunch of people who starred as extras, since the miniseries was filmed in the area).

Jay Asher introduces himself and begins to talk about the inspiration for What Light. A story he has had on the back burner for many years.


Jay decided to share the gift he just received from his publicist.

Jay introduces Devin Druid who plays Tyler in Thirteen Reasons Why came by for a visit.

Devin Druid looks on as Jay talks about Thirteen Reasons Why and how he loved the entire production process.

Jay tells his audience about the inception for What Light 
ICYMI we chatted with Jay earlier this fall about his holiday favorites. We are also doing a GIVEAWAY of an ARC of What Light! 


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  1. My favorite holiday stories are found in movies--Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Carol.

  2. My favorite holidays stories involve Father Christmas and Raymond Briggs.

  3. My favorite holiday story has always been A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens :)


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