Interview with Christine Bailey, Author of The Broken One

Hey everyone! Today we are chatting with Christine Bailey, author of The Broken One, a book of loss and the journey to find oneself again. Check out a bit about her below and be sure to check out Farris' journey for yourself!

What five words would you use to describe both Farris and Lane?

Determined. Hopeful. Brave. Afraid. Brazen. 

Farris has had a rough time recently! What experiences did you drawn on for her journey?

There was a tragedy in the news that struck me about a boyfriend shooting his girlfriend. She was only 19. He gave no reason for killing her, and even after the trial, no motive was ever given. I wanted to write a story about a best friend left behind after this kind of tragedy; I wanted to write a story about someone asking: why? Sometimes we don’t find the answers we’re seeking in life, so how do we cope? How do we move on? That’s the story I wanted to write. 

Were there any scenes that didn't make it into the book? 

The end of the book changed. Midway through writing The Broken One, I had an idea to make the character of June into something more, something different. I realized, though, that I could use that idea for another book.

Tell us about your writing process. 

I write in spurts. Sometimes I’ll write for eight hours straight—no food or water (not healthy, I know). But once I have something in mind, I keep going and going. And then there are times (like the past few months) when I haven’t written anything new. My writing comes in waves, I guess. 

Without spoiling the ending, can you tell us how you decided to end the book the way you did? 

One reviewer said that my book didn’t even answer the questions Farris was seeking. That was done on purpose. Sometimes in life, we are consumed with why something happened, yet real life doesn’t always give us the answers we’re seeking. I could have wrapped up everything nice and tidy for readers, but I wanted Farris’ story to feel authentic, not storybook.

by Christine Bailey
Published: April 5th 2016
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing

Sixteen-year-old Farris is picking up the pieces after the untimely death of her best friend. But even one year later, she can’t seem to find “normal” again—not until Lane Evans pops back into her life and pushes her to face reality. When he offers her the chance to find the truth, Farris fears what will surface. Is it too much too soon or just what she needs to move forward? The Broken One explores a teen’s struggle to overcome loss and her hope to rediscover what it truly means to live and love.

About the Author

Christine H. Bailey teaches creative writing and written composition at a private university in Tennessee. Before teaching English, Bailey worked as a journalist, a marketing/public relations writer, and a freelance editor. Girl in the Middle is Bailey’s debut novel that takes a look at the aftermath of a family crisis and what happens to a family when a child goes missing. The book also touches on the hierarchical nature of high school. Bailey’s third YA novel (April 2016), The Broken One, deals with love, loss, and a beautiful awakening after a tragedy. Bailey is currently working on her fourth YA novel. Bailey, a native Canadian, is also a blogger, teacher, speaker, and mom of two ! Check out her weekly blog at

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  1. This book looks heartbreaking but also important to think beyond tragedy. Great post!


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