CRYSTAL STORM Blog Tour: Getting to know Morgan Rhodes and her writing habits

Hello and thank you for visiting us on our tour stop for the CRYSTAL STORM Blog Tour. We are so very excited for this tour (especially Nancy) and cannot wait to share our post with you. Today you will get to know about Morgan Rhodes and some of her writing habits. 

The 7 Writing Habits (or Quirks) of Morgan Rhodes

1. Silence & Solitude 

I envy those writers who can go to a busy coffee shop, set up their laptop and write away. Or those who can write while they’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment. Or while their hair is processing at a salon. I cannot. I need complete silence. I even have a pair of noise-canceling headphones (which are awesome by the way) to help me keep my focus, even when writing in the comparative silence of my living room.
2. Coffee or Diet Coke

I need a ready beverage at arm’s length when I’m writing, and since I’m prone to random afternoon napping, it’s best that it contains as much caffeine as possible.
3. Feline Companionship

This is a given, since I work from home, but having a soft, furry kitty laying next to me is soothing. Especially while writing those more stressful scenes! Luckily, I have two willing, friendly kitties who are happy to oblige. They’re both my mews. I mean…muse
4. Couch

I spent good money on a nice desk and an external monitor, but where to I do my best writing? On my couch with my feet up on an ottoman, my 15” MacBook Pro on my lap. 
5. Writing Journal

For every single book I’ve ever written, I’ve kept a parallel writing journal. In this journal, I brainstorm, figure out character motivation, jot down ideas, and keep a tally on my mood. Sometimes the day’s entry is motivational, like: Come on Morgan, you can do this!Usually, by the end of the book, this single-spaced journal is more than 100 pages long!
6. Outline

When I was finding my legs as a writer, I liked the idea of being one who just wrote. No outline, no solid idea, just let the story come to me as it does. I quickly learned that I’m not that kind of writer. If I were to drive from Toronto to Los Angeles, I would use a map. And when I want to write a 100K+ word novel, I first must write an outline. The characters can still surprise me and events can shift, but my destination is still mapped out and easy to reference when I start to feel lost. 
7. Write or Die/Freedom

When the writing time is short in the day or if I’m not feeling the motivation…yet that deadline is still beckoning to me, this calls for drastic measures. I enlist two essential apps – Freedom turns off my wifi access for a set amount of time so I’m not distracted by anything shiny on the internet or that siren’s call of an email “ding.” Write or Die…well, friends. It is the zap that is sometimes needed to get my writer butt going… an app that forces me to turn off that inner editor and just write. If you’re a writer, Google it and try it out for yourself. I dare you… ;)

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