Borderlands Books & Dan Wells - A Unique Combination for an Extreme Makeover

Borderlands Books

Borderlands Books is a unique bookstore that specializes in new and used Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery & Horror books. A few years ago the bookstore was in serious danger of closing down for good but thanks to very successful sponsorship program, they have been able to stay open.

Dan Wells is a big supporter of Borderlands bookstore and whenever he comes to visit the SF Bay Area this is where he comes in to chat about whatever novel he currently has out. This particular event was for his current novel EXTREME MAKEOVER. A book about the beauty industry and it was personal jab at the industry that Dan once worked for in marketing.

Dan Wells had a certain Indiana Jones vibe going on for this event.

Here is the stack of books that I took in to have Dan sign. Mine are the top two the rest are from Christy.


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