Widening the Assassin's Creed World with Matthew Kirby (Event Recap+GIVEAWAY)

#LastDescendants | October 18th, 2016

Matthew Kirby treated the Hicklebee's Teen Advisory Board to an evening of not one but two recent releases!

"I quit!" Matthew Kirby knew from age 12 that writing was the career for him. Of course, his dramatic exit from pianist to writer likely gave his parents a heart attack, coming to the conclusion mid-recital and walking off stage. 

Both A Taste for Monsters and Last Descendants share a common theme: history repeats itself and we should learn from our past. The idea for A Taste for Monsters came from watching a Jack the Ripper documentary whereas Last Descendants was an approach from game developer Ubisoft. Was Matt excited? Uh, yeah. He's a big (PC) gamer and it's a  dream come true to have created canonical material in the Assassin's Creed universe.

Matt is more of a panster versus a plotter and only creates outlines as part of the publishing process. His one piece of advice for up and coming writers?

The TAB reviewed Last Descendants, which you can find right over here, and try your hand at winning A Taste for Monsters below!


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