When Mystery and Clarity Collide: THE LIMBO TREE by T.N. Suarez

Have you ever had a book stay with you? One that after you have finished devouring it cannot seem to leave you? Where it lingers in the back of your mind and haunts your waking moments making you revisit its words over and over again?.....The Limbo Tree by T.N Suarez is that book.

As Samantha's story unfolded before my eyes I was taken on a journey that I could not seem to grasp hold of. Meaning that I initially perceived this novel to be a mystery of sorts with Samantha trying to find her dear friend Hazel and It turned into a mystery entirely of something else. And when I was convinced that I knew where Samantha was going her story, it took a turn that left me eager for clarity. To say that I was bewildered at times was an understatement but it only fueled to push me forward and each time I believed to have the answers I was rewarded with yet another twist. 

The unexpected twist and turns that this story takes can seem a bit confusing to most but I was happily surprised by it's ending. I truly did not expect that outcome and what I perceived to be the finale became something else entirely. What a dup! As the true ending finally came to light all questions and confusion are explained and it was amazingly well done.

The only complaint that I have with this story is that it's confusing nature and sometimes slow narration can frustrate a reader that seeks a faster paced read and clear narration. I admit to feeling a bit more confusion than I normally prefer in a read but it's writing was so well crafted that I intuitively knew that my tenacity to reach the end would pay off.

I began reading The Limbo Tree with no preconceived notions and I was rewarded with a tale that took me on a experience that was mystifying and wholly intriguing. I could not seem to stop myself from pushing forward as this well crafted novel left me on tender hooks with its masterful writing.  I was consumed with unraveling the they mystery that surrounded Samantha McCallister and I could not stop until I reached the very end. 

The Limbo Tree is a book that I would recommend to both Teens and Adults alike. It is a story that will keep you mysteriously entertained until it's nail biting finale.


By: T.N. Suarez
Published: October 10th 2016
Publisher: Manhattan House Publishing & Media
Source: Audible

An accident. A secret. The truth. 

Something is wrong with Samantha McCallister. Her baby brother is dead, and she has only one memory of the accident: the canned version her parents impressed upon her. But piece by piece, Sam struggles to make sense of it. 

Cast aside by her self-involved family, Sam seeks out a friendship with the next-door neighbor, Hazel, until Hazel inexplicably goes missing, leaving nothing but a note and a jar of jam.

Determined to uncover the truth about Hazel’s disappearance, Sam finds out more than she bargained for. Bizarre episodes and nightmares consume her, vicious and unstoppable.

Meanwhile, an adolescent muse moves into Hazel’s abandoned home. Sam is immediately drawn to him—discovering the beginnings of true love—when the unthinkable occurs. Sam is alienated to a world in which she no longer feels she belongs. Try as she might, Sam cannot escape these nightmares or the truth behind them—the truth that lies in the Limbo Tree.

Brilliantly crafted, shimmering with uncertainty, The Limbo Tree is as mystical as it is moving.

The Author: T.N. Suarez

Chicago-born author Tania Nicole Suarez, best known as T.N. Suarez, does her best writing on her backyard patio, as well as at the charming coffee shop around the corner with free refills. When she isn’t glued to her laptop, she spends time with her magical family, binge-watches Netflix, paints with acrylics, and tries very hard not being the worst tennis player in the burbs.

Tania began her writing career while working as an art director for an advertising agency. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and is an internationally published photographer. Her work has been featured in USA TODAY, Fox News, ABC News (Australia & New Zealand), New York Magazine, New York Post, Fuji Television Network (Tokyo, Japan), Asahi Television Network (Tokyo, Japan), EuroNews (Lyon, France), Huffington Post (Osaka, Japan), and Les Journal de Montréal (Montréal, Quebec, Canada).

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