Love This Book x Infinity: Infinity by Jus Accardo (Review + GIVEAWAY)

OH BOY! Romance + Sci-fi = LOVE and that is EXACTLY what you'll get in Jus Accardo's Infinity. I was immediately attracted to the beautiful cover and stuck around for the amazing description. Secrets! Interdimensional travel! Secretive boys from other dimensions! YASSSS. 

Real love started in your heart and went straight to infinity.

I basically devoured this book from the moment I started it. Our main character, Kori, is a slightly rebellious teen remaniscent of Banksy. Kori paints murals to deal with the grief she has after losing her mother. Her dad won't talk about it so what's a girl to do other than deface public property? Ok, fine...She could have found a more legal outlet but I digress. While painting one night, she runs into an ultra creep, who turns out to be an interdimensional traveler set out to kill all Kori thanks to a pretty ridiculous grudge. 

Hope could gut you in the end.

Enter Cade and Noah, set to babysit Kori while her dad is away. After Kori decides to play with her life some more, Cade and Noah divulge that they are travels from an alternate dimension where Noah is Kori's brother and Cade is her boyfriend. On the run they go, trying to escape similar outcomes to their home dimension.

Promise me you'll live your life in vivid color.

Infinity is constant action, there's never a slow point. In addition to all the interdimensional issues, you get the backstories of all of the characters. How Jus pulls this off in 320 pages is nothing short of amazing! She weaves characters and dimensions in her beautiful writing that will keep your attention through the end. 

While the story is driven within a sci-fi setting, it never feels too heavy. Same with the romance. Nothing comes off as forced. I love that there's resolution but the end is left open enough for a second book. If you've read other interdimensional love stories and enjoyed them, I highly recommend picking this one up! 


by Jus Accardo
Published: November 1st 2016
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Source: Publisher
Grab Your Own Copy: Amazon

There are three things Kori knows for sure about her life:

One: Her army general dad is insanely overprotective.

Two: The guy he sent to watch her, Cade, is way too good-looking.

Three: Everything she knew was a lie.

Now there are three things Kori never knew about her life:

One: There’s a device that allows her to jump dimensions.

Two: Cade’s got a lethal secret.

Three: Someone wants her dead.

JUS ACCARDO spent her childhood reading and learning to cook. Determined to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. But at the last minute, she realized her true path lay with fiction, not food.

Jus is the bestselling author of the popular Denazen series from Entangled publishing, as well as the Darker Agency series, and the New Adult series, The Eternal Balance. A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald.
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