It's Christmas in October! (Event Recap+GIVEAWAY)

#TheTwelveDaysOfDashAndLily | October 22nd, 2016

In a dream come true for one of the Ravenous Readers, frequent co-authors David Levithan & Rachel Cohn visit SF for some Christmas magic.

Raise your hand if you almost fainted over the thought of a sequel to Dash & Lily's Book of Dares? Turns out you aren't alone! Rachel and David never intended to write a sequel but while driving to lunch one day, they pondered the possibility. They know Naomi & Ely and Nick & Norah had ended on the perfect note but what were Dash & Lily up to following finding each other? "I had to check and be sure they were juniors and not seniors," David shared.

After reading the infamous librarian massacre of 2016 scene (which they read thanks to our suggestion, OMG), the pair went on to talk about their writing process, which is mostly comprised of surprises. They alternate writing a chapter and the receiver is tasked with picking up where the last person left off. As you can imagine, this can lead in some interesting directions. Rachel also spoke of developing trust and how she once challenged David, only to figure out that him saying "no" is what ended up developing the concept arc of the book. 

How did Rachel and David start writing? Rachel shared that everyone meets David at some point and it just seemed like a good idea. Of course, they had some fun with the audience, first.

What's up next for the pair? Well, in addition to writing together, Rachel has an upcoming solo book so keep your eyes peeled!

Nancy brought the type of glitter referenced in the book!

ICYMI, we co-reviewed The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily (while slightly weepy) right over here.


We love Dash & Lily so much that we want to give you a chance to get into the Christmas spirit. 

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