STAY HUNGRY: Kids of Appetite Book Event Re-cap with David Arnold, Jandy Nelson & Kelly Loy Gilbert

On Wednesday, September 28th I had the pleasure of seeing David Arnold for his Kids of Appetite book event. The intimate event was hosted by NYMBC with Jandy Nelson in joining David and as a special surprise Kelly Loy Gilbert also came to visit this KOA cast of awesome authors.

David took a moment to talk about his writing process and the "simmering underneath" that drives him. It was a great moment and you could see how passionate he was about his writing and Kids of Appetite.

The lovely Jandy Nelson did a fine job of asking David such great questions. She is always such a pleasure to see. Jandy did mention that she was working on another novel but could not tell us more than that. I can tell you that it was all I was thinking about for the rest of the night.
I was able to record a moment that David mentioned writing a song that involved Gandalf and boneless chicken wings. 

Then David spotted an audience member wearing a special T-Shirt
  @roofbeam found an audience member that has a #Courtneythebrave t-shirt and he had to take a picture and text it to her @nymbc #kao

Contrary to what you may people may believe, I actually hate having my pictures taken. Yet my blogging partner insists that we have our pictures taken with the authors that we see. Since my blogging buddy could not be there I went solo and after I had my books signed I practically ran out of the store when I remembered that I had not taken a picture. So I went back in and had my picture taken with these amazing authors. You can see that I was talking during the picture and said "Thank you, but I needed to have this done or Christy would kill me!" LOL! 


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