Nancy Does Mile High (Event Recap)

#mhae2016 | September 17th, 2016

Hey y'all! Resident book adventurer, Nancy, did a really cool thing a few weekends back and I was antsy to hear all about it so I figure I would ask her all the questions and share her answers with all of you. 

Nancy, tell us what you did the weekend of September 17th!

Black Heart Productions approached Jay Crownover to host an event as the headliner in Colorado, the community where she lives.The authors were there to interact one-on-one with fans, providing limited signings. There's no limit to what you can get signed. A lot of people are e-readers and construct their own event booklet to get it signed, kind of like an autograph book. The authors have TONS of swag.

No limits, as you can see
Who were some of the authors you couldn't wait to see? Did you meet any new ones you want to share?

Kylie Scott came from Australia and was a big draw. Of course, Jay Crownover because she's my favorite. Monica Murphy, Alice Clayton, and Renee Carlino were also on my list to see. 

I assume this isn't your first rodeo at Mile High. What keeps you coming back?

These authors don't typically have tours like YA authors so this is the only way you can get to see them.

What was your favorite part of the event?

Getting to interact with the authors and getting to talk with them. Oh, and getting to meet this gorgeous hunk of a cover model.

Much to Christy's dismay, Nancy did not sneak him back in her bag
What do you hope will happen in Mile High 2017?

I hope they will have different authors that I haven't seen, especially Katy Evans.

Mile High Author Event 2016

Mile High Author Event is a multi-author signing event hosted by Black Heart Productions. Mile High Author Event is specially designed to bring indie and traditionally published authors and their readers together.


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