Kasie West Re-Romanticizes Letter Writing with PS I Like You (Event Recap)

#PSILikeYou | September 23rd, 2016

Kasie West spoke to an audience of fans about pen pals, researching contemporary, and how she took the plunge into writing.

The Hicklebee's Teen Advisory Board (TAB) started the evening off with a classic game of this-or-that, where we learned that Kasie prefers Twitter/Instagram/Facebook over Snapchat (we agree!), heels over flats (her husband is 6'8"!), and fall/winter weather (but prefers the beach to the snow). Following the lightning round, the TAB re-lived Kasie's first event at Hicklebee's (which happens to be the TAB's first ever event!) with a speed reading of her books, something they invented at that first event. 

In PS I Like You, main character Lily is focused on writing song lyrics for an upcoming competition, meaning the book has several sets of lyrics in it. "People ask me if I write lyrics and no, I don't, but obviously I do since they're in the book! I think of myself as a wannabe poet and I tested out writing lyrics in this book," Kasie shared. On where the concept for PS I Like You came from, Kasie explained how she loves how romantic letters are. 

Kasie started writing not because of a degree in writing (in fact, she is a credentialed teacher) but because she loved reading. "I didn't make the connection that maybe I'd be a good writer until I was 30," Kasie discussed, "I loved the process of writing my first book so much that I kept writing." 

On her writing process, Kasie shared that she is more of a "pantser" but needs some structure for the characters. "I have to know what I'm writing to. I'll have a very strong feel of the characters in my head. I'll know the climax and the end, and then I figure out everywhere in between," Kasie disclosed. She writes in her room, when the house is empty. 

The audience educated Kasie on what an OTP - One True Pairing - is and asked her favorite. "I love Caymen and Xander and I also love a couple I'm writing for a book coming out next summer, " she shared. Kasie ended the evening with a giveaway of her upcoming book, By Your Side, a love story about a girl and boy who get locked in a library together. We can't wait to read that one.

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