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It's no lie that both Nancy and I humble-brag about how amazing the Bay Area YA community is. We have no shortage of indie bookstores, bloggers, author events, and, of course, authors. 

Here's a glimpse into October's events

We know just how lucky we are to have access to the authors that help us escape into their brilliant worlds. We are also lucky that the blogging community is pretty solid and we regularly attend events at those indie bookstores (the authors do, too!) who know how to treat bloggers and authors right. So, you could say the relationship between all the bookish entities is pretty serious. *puts a ring on it*

So when two of our local authors, Stacey Lee and Stephanie Garber, asked us to chat about our experiences with blogging and the larger author world, we were more than happy to share! 

Here's an excerpt of our interview

Stephanie: It seems as if you two attend almost every book signing you can, which is amazing! So, we would love to know, what types of things you love seeing at events?

Christy and Nancy: We do attend a lot of events, for authors we know and even those we don’t. We have the best indie bookstores in the country that bring us great authors and for that we are lucky.

Things we like to see at events include:
  • A five minute author introduction. Could be by a bookseller, the teen advisory board (if applicable), another author, or a blogger.
  • Conversation about your novel (with someone else or by yourself is fine, too), which may include a small reading of no more than a few pages. You can get an idea about what people are questioning or interested in by what they ask on social media.
  • Audience Q&A. On top of questions about the book, people will usually ask about your writing process, what you’re currently working on, and what you’ve read recently.
  • Visual aids, like a PowerPoint presentation or a book trailer, give us a little more insight into your novel and your writing process. We love the presentation Stacey showed with her launch for Outrun the Moon. That presentation gave us inspiration for a book tour video that we did.
  • Signings, of course! We love swag and giveaways and think everyone does, too, though these are not required.
For large events, a moderator may be necessity. It helps to have someone who can keep the event on track and not let it go on for too long. Since most events happen during the week, and the audience is geared towards a younger crowd, parents and working folks appreciate that. A posed photo at the beginning with all the authors at the event is greatly appreciated.
Come check out the rest of the interview here! You can also see why we love Stacey Lee so much in our recent review of Outrun the Moon, event recap for Outrun the Moon, and our Snap Story for Outrun the Moon (we took the book sightseeing for all the places mentioned in the book!). Also, if you're looking for a great example of an event that used ALL of the above points, check out Sabaa Tahir's launch for A Torch Against the Night, moderated by Stephanie Garber. 

Many thanks to Stacey, Stephanie, and all the authors, bloggers, and bookstores who make living in the Bay Area the best bookish experience!


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