A MARVELous Panel of Superhero Enthusiasts (Event Recap+GIVEAWAY)

#PeopleOfMarvel | October 14th, 2016

Exactly one year after the Women of Marvel invaded Menlo Park to celebrate Black Widow: Forever Red, Margaret Stohl returned with the People of Marvel to promote book two.

While it's hard to top last year's Women of Marvel event, the team of Widows, Captains, and Squirrels treated a crowd of Marvel (and Princess Black!) enthusiasts to laughs and a whole lot of super-talk. Moderated by Judy Stephens, Marvel's resident cosplayer and producer, the panel spent a good portion of the evening talking about all the exciting upcoming projects they're engaged with.

The Hales spoke not only of their upcoming Squirrel Girl middle grade release (which just got its cover and will be out next year), but of writing the upcoming Captain Marvel YA novel that is part of the series of four books released by YA authors. Not too many details as the project is just beginning but there was a lot of enthusiasm from the panel and crowd alike.

On the subject of Squirrel Girl, Ryan North joined the panel, having released the first standalone Squirrel Girl graphic novel, Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe. Our friends over at Forever Young Adult reviewed it and left us wondering one thing...

If you didn't know, Margaret Stohl is picking up Captain Marvel's comic series post Civil War II. Captain Marvel has been in a brutal war that left the Hulk dead and Hawkeye on trial for his murder. I can't wait to see where she takes Carol this fall.

This wouldn't be a Marvel event without some cosplay but the show stealers were truly all of the Princess Black cosplayers who came out in droves to see Shannon and Dean.

Angela (aka keplersteens) & Christy as Widows
Judy interviewing the Princess Blacks
An OG Squirrel Girl & Hellcat
The whole lot of us!
Last year Margaret came as Red Widow but this year we are both in Black Widow wear!
Us with some of our FYA Oakland friends! 

You can see our review of Black Widow: Red Vengeance here and try your luck in scoring a signed copy below!


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  1. I started when my kids got older actually and we wanted to see the movies together. I'd read a few comic books as a kid, but never really collected them. I just saw Captain America on DVD with my family this past weeekend. Fun ride!

    1. You know, I've never gotten into the Marvel movies but I really want to watch Guardians!

  2. When my little brothers started watching them way back when. Then more recently when the movies started coming out.

    1. The movies have been a great gateway for new fans :)

  3. Christy, your cosplay is amazing! Wish I could have been there. I went to Kepler's as a kid, when I used to live in the Bay Area. Such a great store! (Not that I can complain - I have Powell's now, LOL.)

    1. THANK YOU! How great that you visited Kepler's in your youth! It's definitely the best bookstore here in the Bay!!

  4. I guess I've always been a Marvel reader.


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