Will Ritter Charms SF - Ghostly Echoes Event Recap

#GhostlyEchoes | August 29th, 2016

Will opened the evening by sharing a few personal things: he's a teacher, gets nervous at book events, and loves Oddish, the Pokemon. "Jackaby started as a fun project and then it became a book," Will shared, "Then I received a batch of letters from a classroom of students, positive letters, which I responded to each of them by hand. I got to the one, most honest letter, which opened with, 'I do not like your book. I hope that you write a better book.' I wrote back, 'I hope I do, too.'" Of course, the pressure is high with book four still on the way. "I give myself the same advice I give my students, 'Be okay to fail'" Will disclosed. 

After doing a fabulous job reading and voicing his characters perfectly, Will answered audience questions. The first book he tried to publish was a children's picture book and he was nearly discouraged after not hearing back from publishers. His wife encouraged him to try again and he credits her for helping get Jackaby out there.

Will was able to share a few of his thoughts about what kinds of elements to include in the covers and was pleasantly surprised with how well the cover artist captured his sentiments. "Some of you may have bought the books because of the covers; I wouldn't blame you," Will joked. We emphatically agree that the covers are gorgeous and would love a red color for the next one!

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