Omari and the People - Guest Post, Audio Excerpt, & GIVEAWAY

Today we are here with Stephen Whitfield, author for the recently released audiobook, Omari and the People. Both of us basically live for books on audio because of our commute and were curious about Stephen's process to becoming an author. We asked him to share some surprises with us today.

Top Five Things "That I didn't know in becoming an author"

#5 When writing my earliest stories  (when I was 10),  I didn't know that more than a grasp of the English language and having a story to tell was essential to becoming published. I discovered there is a craft to be learned, filled with conventions I could either obey or bypass, but conventions nevertheless.

#4 I did not know that professional editors are expensive, cold blooded wielders of sharp, red pens, which question cut , destroy and otherwise transform my carefully written words.

#3 I did not know editors were so very necessary for a successful publication.

#2 I was absolutely stunned to learn that publishing involves knowledge of fonts, "widows and orphans," the mechanics of  creating a book cover, how to get an ISBN, Library of Congress, and ASIN number, formatting for Kindle, creating different formats for promotional copies such as DocX, EPUB, HTML,HTMLZ, PDF, RTF,PTB just to name a few. 

#1 After all is said and done, I was pleasantly surprised about how wonderfully rewarding it is to tell a story which people enjoy.

by Stephen Whitfield, narrated by Curt Simmons
Published: August 22nd 2014/June 20th 2016 (audio)

In a squalid ancient city on the edge of a desert (based in part on the African Sahara’s Empty Quarter) a weary, thrill-seeking thief named Omari sets his home afire to start anew and to cover his many crimes. When the entire city is unintentionally destroyed by the flames, the cornered thief tells the displaced people a lie about a better place which only he can lead them to, across the desert. With the help of an aged, mysterious woman who knows a better place actually does exist, they set out. The desperate people must come together to fight their way through bandits, storms, epidemics, and more. As a result of Omari’s involvement with Saba, a fiercely independent woman who is out to break him in the pay of a merchant whom he has offended, his ability to lead – his very life – is jeopardized.
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Curt lives in Seattle and produces and narrates audiobooks in his home studio. He began his performing career in college as a stage actor and radio personality. After college, in addition to acting, Curt also did voiceovers for commercials, which he also wrote, directed, and edited for broadcast TV. Following the birth of his daughter in 1984, he left the performing arts to pursue a more “stable” profession managing projects. Then, in 2014 he returned to the professional stage for the first time in over 30 years as Walter Flood in Becky’s New Car by Stephen Dietz. He has also appeared recently as Lyman in Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz and Ralph in The Last Romance by Joseph DiPietro. Omari and the People is Curt’s sixth audiobook.

Chicago-born Stephen Whitfield began writing as a Marine Corps print journalist. His writing has appeared in military publications, as well as the Kansas City Star and the Jersey Journal. He holds degrees from from Loyola University Chicago, Chicago Theological Seminary, and Indiana University. His various adventures have taken him to such places as London, Paris, Trondheim, Johannesburg, Beirut, most of The Virgin Islands and the wilder neighborhoods of Chicago.


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  1. Thanks for having me on your fun site! I hope you and your friends and fans enjoy Omari and the People. I'm happy to respond to your questions and/or comments!

    1. Hi Stephen

      Thank you so much for sharing your insights as an author.

      What was your inspiration for writing Omari and the People? I'm fascinated by your concept!

  2. Hi Christy! I was inspired by first-hand witnessing of disasters, the Book of Exodus, mini story ideas, events, and thoughts I wanted to tell, so I wove them into Omari and the People. I was interested in the themes of commu city in crisis, friendship,love and forgiveness.

    1. Wow! Sounds like a very intense research process. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  3. That should be "community." It's what happens to me when I use my Droid to communicate!


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