Bookstagramming: Nancy is KILLING IT!

Hi everyone! Christy here and I just want to brag a bit about my blogging partner, Nancy, who not only pens beautiful reviews and other types of posts, but puts me to pure SHAME with her beautiful book pictures on #bookstagram.

See what I mean?

Oh, and in case you weren't convinced, Penguin has featured her IG posts TWICE in the last month!

It's kind of ridiculous how talented she is. I love that her bookstagramming doesn't involve a ton of props or other items...Just a book and outfit, usually (she's just so fashionable, too!). You can follow her right here.

So in honor of her recognition and with the love of the beautiful book, Wink Poppy Midnight, we are giving away a signed ARC to one lucky winner. We can't wait to see what bookstagrams inspire you (including your own!).

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  1. The options on do you Bookstagram should be more like *I try since I have a ton of books & shiz around my house, but they never look like those professionals who bookstagram!*
    Thanks for the chance! XO - Kelly @BookCrushin

    1. LOL RIGHT! Nancy takes these photos with her PHONE and I get my camera and a lightbox out and hers still turn out like 100x better. I just don't have the creative touch.

  2. Well I mostly post books and book-related stuff, so I guess I'm a bookstagrammer? My account link is: - thanks!

    1. Followed you! Totally counts as bookstagramming :)


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