Review: Girl Over Paris #2 by Gwenda Bond, Kate Leth, and Ming Doyle

Girl Over Paris #2
by Gwenda Bond and Kate Leth, with art by Ming Doyle 

Published: August 10th 2016
Publisher: Jet City Comics
Source: Comixology
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

As wire walker Jules Maroni prepares a spectacular routine involving the Eiffel Tower, the Harlequin—the ghostly figure haunting her and her boyfriend, trapeze artist Remy—makes his move, plunging the couple into a terrifying mystery and threatening to bring Jules’s dreams of love and glory crashing down around her.

My Thoughts:

We are back again this month with the second of four issues in Girl Over Paris. Girl Over Paris #1 was freaking amazing (along with both of the Cirque American books) but Gwenda, Kate, and Ming really outdid themselves this issue.

Jules had quite a fright last issue with something not of this world caused her to nearly lose her balance on the wire. This issue opens with her sharing her concern with Remy, a concern he doesn't quite buy. Jules' panic is only exacerbated when she sees the same apparition behind Remy while he's flying. Talk about scary! But is Jules' imagination is overdrive or is there a real cause for concern? You'll have to read on for yourself.

The creative team on this book really works. I haven't enjoyed a team this much since the Batgirl New 52 team and I can't get enough! The art is extremely pleasing and it's nice to see Kate and Gwenda taking the Cirque world and building it out. I'm firmly a Valentine!

Take a peek at an extended preview of Girl Over Paris #2 here and be sure to check it out!


  1. Oh wow, I haven't heard of this! I know Gwenda Bond though. I need to pick up one of her books, they all sound so good!

    1. I'm obsessed with her Cirque series! It's really cool how it's all put together. Both books are standalones within the world and now we have a series of four comics (that'll be collected later this year) set after the two books. I can't speak highly enough of both of the books and the creative team on this comic is out of the park amazing. Total sleeper hits all around, if you ask me.


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