Event Recap: Wonder Woman feat. Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, and Nicola Scott

#WonderWoman | August 14th, 2016

Meet the creative team who brought Diana - aka Wonder Woman - back to her roots.

It's not often that entire creative teams are in one place together, especially when they're spread out across the world. So when the Wonder Woman Rebirth team gathered in Berkeley this weekend, we had to check it out. 

Wonder Woman relaunched with the rest of the DC universe in May. Rebirth is DC's answer to a very complicated universe, and Diana's story was no exception. Left with an unclear origin story and convoluted current story, DC needed to ensure one of its strongest characters was in good hands. So they brought in the ultimate experts: Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, and Nicola Scott. 

It's rare that comic fans can come together near completely but most everyone agrees that Greg's previous run was one of the best runs with Wonder Woman. He really gets Diana, and had some clear ideas on how to merge the New 52 and pre-Flashpoint lines.

"The best superhero stories are aspirations. They lead with a character that you want to emulate. Diana, top to toe, is pure inspiration," Greg shared with the crowd. The trio agreed there's something for everyone in Diana's stories and it's a privilege to create her stories. The team committed to do right by Diana, to protect and serve Diana. 

Unique to Wonder Woman's book, the team spoke about their collaborative approach. Wonder Woman comics ship twice monthly (at least for the initial 24 issues) and Greg came to the table with a new idea on how to approach it. After the Rebirth issue, which established the universe and current continuity's Diana, the team split the story into Year One and The Lies, set 10 years apart. Year One is the story of how Diana came to be the political figure she is to our world while The Lies is her trying to rectify her confusing origin story. The team stressed the need for collaboration, as eventually these timelines will become as inseparable as the creative team views them. Each of the members adds value with their long history and knowledge. But still, Greg tries to surprise Liam and Nicola as much as the three of them try to surprise all of us.

On Wonder Woman's current costume, both Liam and Nicola agreed that a hybrid of her official costume (originally by Jim Lee) and current DCEU costume was the way to go. The costume undergoes the same journey as Diana does, from Year One to The Lies, and readers can expect to see the story transpire through her costume.

Credit: cbr.com
On the story, each of the team members stressed how much planning goes into each issue. Every panel, each piece of art, even the background, is intentional. It's deliberate. Everything is considered. Long time and newer fans can expect to find easter eggs and throw backs to previous Diana stories. Ultimately, this is how the team will reconcile pre-Flashpoint and New 52 timelines in Rebirth. 

The YA and comic world are converging with authors and stories like Gwenda Bond's Lois Lane/Fallout Series, Margaret Stohl's Black Widow series (oh, and she's also penning CAPTAIN MARVEL this fall), Holly Black writing the Lucifer comic, and the upcoming set of books by Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Matt de la Pena, and Marie Lu. We can't wait to see Leigh's take on Wonder Woman! Because we want to share our excitement about the new direction of Wonder Woman comics, we are giving one lucky winner a chance to win a signed copy (signed by both Greg and Liam!) of Wonder Woman #1. Good luck!

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