Event Recap: Gemini Launch at Kepler's

#Gemini | July 28th, 2016

Sonya Mukherjee packed Kepler's for the launch of her debut, Gemini, a story of conjoined twins and their journey through the transition that is adolescence. 

Sonya shared her journey from writing novels and short stories that went unpublished to her six year writing, editing, and publishing process for Gemini. "The whole time I was writing this book, I had no idea if it was ever going to be published. I was writing with the idea of an audience in mind but I had no idea if I was ever going to find that audience to read it. There were certainly moments where I questioned if I should be spending so much time on something that could just be for my own entertainment." I'd say Sonya found her audience when over 50 people showed up for her launch!

Writing about conjoined twins was not the novel she thought she would first write. "Halfway through this other book I was writing, I thought, even though writing a story about conjoined twins is harder, I'm more passionate about it." Sonya began to put together her story about conjoined twins because of documentaries she had watched. She wanted to imagine what their lives would be like. Setting a story within the young adult world added some exciting elements for the conjoined twins as they developed into their own people. 

According to researcher Alice Domurat Dreger, “The fact is that across cultures and across time, the great majority of people who are conjoined simply have not expressed the sensation of being overly confined, horribly dependent, physically trapped, or unwillingly chained to others.”

Sonya shared the various stories of conjoined twins that contributed to her research process. She wanted to write fictional characters but make the reader experience as real as possible. Sonya shares much of her research and other resources on her website.

During her Q&A, Sonya shared that she developed the story of Hailey and Clara during the teenage years because the emotions are vivid and everything feels more real. She also shared that Gemini is a standalone novel and the ending is solid enough to not warrant a follow up. Oh, and she loves the cover of her book, even though she didn't have input!
Gemini is available now and Kepler's can ship you a signed copy while copies last! 


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