Review: A SEASON FOR FIREFLIES by Rebecca Maizel

by Rebecca Maizel
Publisher: Harper Teen
Published: June 28th 2016
Source: Publisher
Rating: ♥♥♥

A year ago, Penny Berne was the star of her high school’s theater department, surrounded by a group of misfit friends and falling in love for the first time. Now her old friends won’t talk to her, her new best friend is the most popular girl in school, and her first love, Wes, ignores her. Penny is revered and hated. Then, in a flash, a near-fatal lightning strike leaves Penny with no memory of the past year—or how she went from drama nerd to queen bee.

As a record number of fireflies light up her town and her life, Penny realizes she may be able to make things right again—and that even if she can’t change the past, she can learn to see the magic where she never could before.

This captivating new novel about first love, second chances, and the power of memory is perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall and Katie Cotugno’s How to Love.

My Thoughts: 

I picked up A Season for Fireflies by Rebecca Maizel because I am always a fan of second chances. It's that tiny bit of me that craves that "do-over" moment that I wish I could change but since I cannot I get to enjoy it in this book. 

As the book began I got to know Penny Berne and her group of friends. It was all kinds of drama geek fun, with a potential romance that was sweet. Penny seemed to enjoy school and her friends, then as her home life came into focus it was clear that she had a parent that had a very serious problem. Yet, instead of talking to her friends and confiding to them about her family she decides to shun them out, deserting them when they needed her most, and begins a new friendship that blossoms from an unexpected encounter. 

Then begins the second phase of Penny Berne of which I found interesting but tried to understand. She is now popular and well liked by the cool kids and hated by her old friends but she is ok with that.  At least that is what we are lead to believe until a near fatal event causes her to forget the past year of her life (new BFF and all) and all she can remember is her old friends before she deserted them. Now, she can't understand why none of her old friends are coming to visit and while she has another friend that she never talked to before. It's all too confusing and she cannot fathom what has happened in the past year but she is determined to fix it and this is when things get really interesting.

I must say that I was most intrigued about this second chance challenge that Penny faced. Especially since she could not seem to remember anything leading up to the events that created the rift, but I was glad to witness that she was brave enough to talk to those people that she cared about and was willing to make an effort and mend those broken friendships. It takes guts to be that better person especially when you are the douche wagon that created the situation to begin with. This is what I liked most about this book, Penny was a regular girl facing a difficult situation and she made some decisions that totally bombed but that I could understand. It was good to see Penny evolve and become a better human, to recognize that she was a good person and that it was ok to let people into her life and not remain a closed book. Better to let others read your pages then keep you on the shelf.

What I did have a bit of an issue was the issue with her mother and her addiction. I really disliked how her mother would blame her for her falls off the wagon but how those hurtful statements weren't better addressed. Why did her mom feel that way? Where did that come from? and why didn't her dad do more to help? These were all questions that came and went without ever being answered and I felt that if they were brought to light then there would be some resolution or at least an effort to find out the why of things? Another issue for me was the new BFF that seemed to get pushed to the side as Penny valiantly tried to win her old friendships back. I felt better about it towards the end but I felt so sorry for her that it was almost painful at times to read. That person did nothing but be a friend

To round it all out. I liked the idea of the book like I said I am a fan of second chances and I like how things eventually turned out. There is a moral to the story. Hold your friends close and be truthful with them. If they love you it won't matter what is going on they will always have your back. Remember that. 


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  1. I enjoy Maizel's writing, so I'll probably try this eventually. I think I'd feel sorry for the new BFF too!


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