by Laura Stampler
Published: July 19th 2016
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Source: Publisher

Harper Anderson always believed she belonged somewhere more glamorous than her sleepy Northern California suburb. After all, how many water polo matches and lame parties in Bobby McKittrick's backyard can one girl take? That's why Harper is beyond ecstatic when she lands her dream internship as a dating blogger at the elite teen magazine Shift. Getting to spend the summer in New York City to live her dream of becoming a writer? Harper's totally in.

There's just one teeny, tiny, infinitesimal problem: Apart from some dance floor make-outs, Harper doesn't have a lot of - or, really, any - dating expertise. In fact, she might have sort of stolen her best friend's experiences as her own on her Shift application. But she can learn on the job...right?

From awkward run-ins with the cute neighborhood dog-walker to terrifying encounters with her crazed editor, from Brooklyn gallery openings to weekends in the Hamptons, Harper finds out what it takes to make it in the Big City--and as the writer of her own destiny.

My Thoughts:

Last book I read took me nearly two weeks to read. This took me a few hours. And left a smile on my face.

I'm so metaphorically screwed.

Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies needs to go on your summer TBR stat! Summer internships, NYC, drama, friendships, and cute boys. This book embodies the best of summer contemporaries. 

Harper gets the surprise of her life when she's offered a chic NYC summer internship with Shift, a magazine poised to take over the viral internet. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would be chosen, so it's no big that she submitted a salacious true-event inspired story from her bff's life, right? Riiiiiighttt. There's one other problem: she's been selected as the teen dating blogger and has basically never been on a date in her life.

Jet setting off to the east coast, Hannah starts her internship off like any great contemporary story...Making tons of enemies in a foreign place. These girls are all out to  win the top spot, earning them a two page spread in the back-to-school issue of Shift. Nonetheless, Harper makes amends and the team become quite close.

On the flip side, Harper is learning how to be a New Yorker, professionally and personally. Writing cutesy blogs is not going to cut it; she has to get out and experience the dating world. Cue cute boys next door and douchebags galore. The girl goes on the most horrendous date for the sake of blogging. I'll admit, it was pretty great and I'd read blogs like that all day.

All is not fair in love and war and Harper soon realizes her command of viral blogging, dating, and friendship might still need a little finessing.

Harper was just adorable, and her friends and family were also likeable. Young adults and adults alike will find parts of themselves in Harper because she's so dang relatable. She also grows quite a bit from her experiences; you'll love her even more when she really shines at the end. Even the douchey guys were on point (as much as a douche can be). And boy next door, Ben? Sign me up for his dog walking services because that little move with mussing up his hair? Yes please. 

Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies is reminisce of the Devil Wears Prada meets Supergirl meets Sex and the City meets Gossip Girl - If there's girls, boys, and NYC involved, there's probably a piece of it here. There are so many cute and funny moments housed within a familiar story of summer. Laura Stampler does a great job of keeping the heart in this one while also showing that it's not all fun and rainbows out there. You'll gobble this like gluten free mac and cheese (ok, maybe not) one sitting. Oh, and there's a PUG PROM. 

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Check out an excerpt from Harper's first day in NYC here and be sure to add Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies to your summer TBR. Tell us in the comments what's on your summer reading list!


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