Review: FLYING by Carrie Jones

by Carrie Jones
Published: July 19, 2016
Publisher: Tor Teen
Source: Publisher (thanks!)

New York Times bestselling author Carrie Jones introduces sassy alien-hunting cheerleader Mana in Flying, the launch of a sparkling new YA SF series.

People have always treated seventeen-year-old Mana as someone in need of protection. She's used to being coddled, being an only child, but it's hard to imagine anything could ever happen in her small-town, normal life. As her mother's babying gets more stifling than ever, she's looking forward to cheering at the big game and getting out of the house for a while.

But that night, Mana's life goes haywire.

First, the hot guy she's been crushing on at school randomly flips out and starts spitting acid during the game. Then they get into a knockdown, drag-out fight in the locker room, during which Mana finds herself leaping around like a kangaroo on steroids. As a flyer on the cheerleading squad, she's always been a good jumper, but this is a bit much. By the time she gets home and finds her house trashed and an alien in the garage, Mana starts to wonder if her mother had her reasons for being overprotective.

It turns out, Mana's frumpy, timid mom is actually an alien hunter, and now she's missing--taking a piece of technology with her that everyone wants their hands on, both human and alien. Now her supposed partner, a guy that Mana has never met or heard of (and who seems way too young and way too arrogant to be hunting aliens), has shown up, ordering Mana to come with him. Now, on her own for the first time, Mana will have to find a way to save her mother--and maybe the world--and hope she's up to the challenge.

My Thoughts:

When I started this book, I had one thought: it's going to be terrible or awesomely campy. That's really my favorite kind of sci-fi. With 4 hearts, I bet you can imagine which conclusion I came to. Flying became more enjoyable as the story went on and I'm excited to find out it's the first in a series! 

People have no faith in cheerleaders.

Mana (yes, like the magic potential in games) is your typical cheerleader type but with a whole lot sass. I love that Flying doesn't take itself too seriously (and you shouldn't, either). With a tagline like "Cheerleader vs Alien - Who will win?" you just can't afford to go into this with anything but a light attitude. 

The aliens in Flying are more akin to the paranormal creatures we see in fantasy novels. There are fae, wendigo, and acid spitting creatures that start off as hot high school boys. There are references to all sorts of nerdy/geeky things such as Doctor Who. There's even a bit of romance that I hope is further developed in the next book. 

There's a pretty big revelation at the end that leaves you wanting more and with the makings of a sequel so be on the lookout for that! Oh, and you can totally be allergic to caffeine...I used to be when I was younger. Or maybe that was the alien side of me. Who knows. 

Amazon named Flying as one of their best book of the month. You can catch a sneak peak here and be sure to check out Flying in stores July 19th! Tell us about your favorite sci-fi book or movie in the comments!


  1. Ohh awesome review! I really need too check out this book when it comes out because I heard a lot of great things about it already. Plus I have a really good feeling that I am going to so love this book! Thank you so much for your great post.

    1. It was really fun to read! Perfect book for summer scifi.

  2. Oh this sounds like so much fun. I'll need to get this one. Fantastic review.

    Shubba @ Wee Shubba's World.

    1. I'm so not an aliens type of girl but these aliens are great (well, as great as aliens can be)! Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading :)


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