Review & GIVEAWAY: Cirque American Girl Over Paris #1 by Gwenda Bond & Kath Leth

by Gwenda Bond and Kate Leth, with art by Ming Doyle
Published: July 6th 2016
Publisher Jet City Comics
Source: Comixology
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

This action-packed COMIC BOOK series tells a brand-new story in Gwenda Bond’s CIRQUE AMERICAN universe!
From acclaimed fantasy writer Gwenda Bond (Girl on a Wire, Girl in the Shadows), this four-issue comic book series features a new stand-alone story set within the world of Bond’s exotic, magical Cirque American. Written by New York Times bestselling comic book writer Kate Leth (Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!, Adventure Time: Seeing Red) and featuring stunning art by acclaimed artist Ming Doyle (The Kitchen, Constantine: The Hellblazer).
After a high-profile tumble, Cirque American’s star wire walker, Jules Maroni, has a lot to prove—and her invitation to an exclusive exhibition in Paris looks to be just the opportunity to put her back on top. Unfortunately, the City of Lights glitters with distractions, including the presence of her first serious boyfriend and a mysterious figure haunting the venue.

My Thoughts: 

I'm so happy to have Jules back, on top of her game, and in very capable hands with these three incredible gals! 

Cirque American: Girl Over Paris is Jules' story of getting her groove back. She had a tough go in Girl on a Wire and needs to figure out who she is, absent good luck charms and magic - well, minus the magic of Paris! Cirque American ringmaster and owner, Thurston, believes Paris will help Jules find her footing (see what I did there?). And of course, Remy, Jule's boyf, and Dita, Jules' good friend and Remy's sister, get to come along!

When the team arrives, they are invited to an exclusive circus party, where we see everyone all dolled up and meet the gorgeous Gab, who seems to share a mutual interest in Dita. This allows Remy and Jules to have some alone time on the dance floor. *swoon* The next day, Jules puts on a spectacular performance, earning her more Valentines, including a mysterious masked figure who tries to throw her off course and then disappears down a dark and scary hole. 

What a great way to continue the Cirque American world, with another mystery and great art to tell the story! Oh, and the first chapter in Jules' new story can be yours if you enter below!

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  1. I'm not sure if you really want me to answer the same question that is in your other giveaway, so I'll just talk about the circus instead. I love the trick riders and horses best. clowns, not so much.

    1. Good suggestion! I forgot to update the giveaway so it's updated now with YOUR question :). Thanks for letting us know and for answering!

    2. No problem! I love that you used my question. :)

  2. The closest thing to a circus when I was little was at Reno's Circus Circus hotel. I remember being excited and scared for the trapeze act. Thanks for this giveaway! I love her Lois Lane series and look forward to reading more from her.

    1. I loved going to Reno because of the Circus, Circus casino/hotel. And my favorite bit was also the trapeze act. I have not been there in years and wonder it would feel the same.

    2. Circus Circus is so fun! I still go when I'm in Vegas

  3. I don't remember much from going to the circus but I've always loved the animals.

    1. My favorite was the trapeze and fire breathing acts.

    2. I love that in Cirque American they speak about the animals and how to properly care for them!


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