Event Recap: Chris Colfer & The Land of Stories

#TLOS5Tour | July 24th, 2016

Chris Colfer joined the #bookhuggers in the Bay with a reading of TLOS5 (An Author's Odyssey), costume contest, trivia, Q&A session, and a preview of book 6 coming in the TLOS series.

Chris began the enchanted event by reading a short excerpt from the story (find your own here) and followed the reading with trivia from the previous books. Chris quizzed the audience on things such as, "What is the Evil Queen's heart made of?" (stone), "What to Alex and Connor use to talk to each other while living in different worlds?" (a piece from their mirrors), and for the tough final round, "What are the 6 items that the twins had to collect to complete the Wand of Wonderment?" (The Snow Queen's scepter, the Wicked Stepmother's ring, the Sea Witch's jewels, the Evil Queen's mirror, the Giant's golden harp, and Ezmia's pride). The kids who answered the questions had memories of steel!

After trivia, Chris held a costume contest, where the audience judged their favorite costumes of the day.

The Brother's Grimm and the group on the end won!

Audience members lined up along the auditorium to ask Chris their burning questions. We've both decided that we need to poll some kids for questions to ask at book events.

Chris shared that the short stories by Connor were actual stories he wrote as a kid. Mother Goose is his favorite character but he has a fondness for Little Red Riding Hood and may even share some personality traits with her. Chris believes Alex and Connor have developed the most over the five books (but jokes he has also developed through the books!). The character of Mother Goose is based partially on Chris' grandma and partially on an actress he worked with. 

Chris' writing process has changed over the years and he now listens to music or looks at art for inspiration. He shared with the audience that they should write daily and don't be discouraged as a young writer. "If you have a story to tell, you have a right to tell it. There are people out there who will love your story!" He loves introducing new generations to original fairytales (which he has loved since a kid), loves writing about strong female characters, and when children talk to him about his characters like they are real people. Even though TLOS is ending with book 6, Chris is thinking about a prequel series and promises more TLOS through other types of books. 

The Land of Stories - An Author's Odyssey is available now. You may still be able to find signed copies at Books, Inc so be sure to check if you're interested (and yes, they ship!).


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