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#BoldlyBookish - June 9th, 2016

Tara, Jennifer, and Tiffany treated a full house of fans in the Bay Area to talk about their latest releases, as well as their writing processes and other tidbits about their lives. 

Each shared a short summary and how they came to write their latest releases. Tara shared that The Leaving was inspired a story her five year old daughter shared at bedtime.  "She told me, 'I'm going on a trip tomorrow. I'm going to The Leaving.' and I just got a chill," Tara described for the audience. Jennifer was inspired to write The Fixer series by the TV shows Scandal, West Wing, and House of Cards, and often thinks about how much better these shows would be if teenagers were introduced. "As an author, you can write what you want to see," she shared.  Tiffany sets fairytale retellings inside families who traffic human organs in the Once Upon a Crime Family series. "What's so enduring about fairytales is there is space for you to fit your own narrative in. When I was little, I asked questions. I was convinced my parents were skipping parts to get me to sleep faster," Tiffany relayed.

Tiffany disclosed her experience in writing such an intense mystery/thriller. Tiffany used her character, Magnolia, to explore what happens when you break the Buffy/Katniss - strong heroine - and they have to deal with the repercussions for what has happened. "I made the joke daily that this book was going to break me!" She wrote the ending first so she knew where the characters would end up, which helped her get through the hard parts. On the other hand, Jennifer likes to add humor through secondary characters and ensures her characters never deal with the hard stuff alone. Tara realized how disconnected she is with her childhood and questioned the usefulness of childhood, hence writing a very cathartic paragraph where one of her character's confronts the things that happened to him in his brother's absence.

One by one the authors defined their writing process. Jennifer plots 8 main points and tells the story by connecting the dots. "I will come across a line that I won't think anything about when I write it but I put my reader hat on and then discover the next dot," Jennifer revealed. Tiffany is not an outliner but is also not a "pantser". "It's all 'up here'...I just don't want to commit to paper because then I feel trapped," Tiffany pointed out. Tara just sits down and writes. She schedules her day and doesn't let anything interfere with her writing time.

As we closed the discussion, the audience formed a signing line, with several people juggling series and stand-alones for each of the authors. The authors were gracious with their time and energy with each attendee and signed stock for the store (which you can order online here but be sure to call ahead of time because signed copies go fast!). Or visit our giveaway before Friday, June 17th, where we are giving away signed copies of all three books.

The #BoldlyBookish tour has come to an end but you can catch the authors on social media (linked below) and through Bloomsbury Children's Books, who graciously allowed us to moderate this tour stop. If you’ve missed the reviews of each of the books or our giveaway, you can find a review for Tara Altebrando’s The Leaving, you can find it here, a review for Tiffany Schmidt’s Break Me Like a Promise here and a review of The Long Game by Jennifer Lynn Barnes here


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