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Thank you for stopping and visiting us on our tour stop for THE VANISHING THRONE by Elizabeth May.  After I read THE FALCONER last year I became enthralled by this unique world that Elizabeth created. It was rich in design and filled with action, romance and witty dialogue that I could not stop reading. So, you can imagine how excited we were at being asked to participate in this tour. Please check out our interview with Elizabeth and then enter the giveaway at the end of this post. Good Luck!

The Vanishing Throne 
The Falconer, Book Two
by Elizabeth May
ISBN-13: 978-1452128825
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Pages: 670
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The second book in the Falconer trilogy is packed with surprises and suspense. 

Aileana Kameron, the Falconer, disappeared through the portal that she was trying to close forever. Now she wakes up in the fae world, trapped and tortured by the evil Lonnrach. With the help of an unexpected ally, Aileana re-enters the human world, only to find everything irrevocably changed. Edinburgh has been destroyed, and the few human survivors are living in an uneasy truce with the fae, while both worlds are in danger of disappearing altogether. Aileana holds the key to saving both worlds, but in order to do so she must awaken her latent Falconer powers. And the price of doing that might be her life. 

Rich with imaginative detail, action, fae lore, and romance, The Vanishing Throne is a thrilling sequel to The Falconer.
The Vanishing Throne. the eagerly-anticipated 2nd book in The Falconer Trilogy is packed with surprises and suspense. Rich with imaginative detail, action, fae lore, and romance, The Vanishing Throne continues the saga of Lady Aileana Cameron: daughter, debutante, destroyer of fairies.

Praise for The Falconer:

"Aileana is an amazing, brave hero... the writing crackles with wit."—Booklist

“A character and a world that breathes life into fantasy." —Library Media Connection

“Witty dialogue, nonstop action, and campy humor. More, please.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

"Ball gowns, blood, and an evil fairy determined to bring about the end of the world-this comedy of manners has it all." —Curriculum Connections

“A fascinating, unique world… writing is exquisite and demands a close reading to take everything in… readers will be anxious for the next installment.” —School Library Journal

You can read an excerpt below

by Elizabeth May
Debutante by day. Murderess by night. Edinburgh’s only hope.

Edinburgh, 1844. Beautiful Aileana Kameron only looks the part of an aristocratic young lady. In fact, she’s spent the year since her mother died developing her ability to sense the presence of Sithichean, a faery race bent on slaughtering humans. She has a secret mission: to destroy the faery who murdered her mother. But when she learns she’s a Falconer, the last in a line of female warriors and the sole hope of preventing a powerful faery population from massacring all of humanity, her quest for revenge gets a whole lot more complicated. The first volume of a trilogy from an exciting new voice in young adult fantasy, this electrifying thriller blends romance and action with steampunk technology and Scottish lore in a deliciously addictive read.
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Elizabeth May hails from California and is recently earned PhD in social anthropology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The Falconer was her first novel.

INTERVIEW: Tales of the Ravenous Reader with Elizabeth May

RR: The Vanishing Throne is packed with surprises and suspense, a lush story that is filled with imaginative detail, non-stop action, and romance. What did you use for inspiration for the second book in the Falconer trilogy?

EM: I’m hugely fascinated by faery lore, so my research influenced The Vanishing Throne a great deal. I love the idea of fae as a culture of warriors – very battle and war oriented – and I wanted to explore that in a bigger, more impactful way in this book.

In some of these stories, the fae and humans had tense relationships that occasionally spilled over into battle (The Wild Hunt, The Cattle Raid of Cooley). Fae are considered to be creatures of god-like powers, so I was inspired by imagining what the aftermath of a battle with them would look like.

Along with that, I wanted to play around with the “chosen one” trope more (the idea of special heroes is very common in faery stories, too) and explore the question: what would happen if the lone hero failed to save the world? The Vanishing Throne is about the consequences of that.

RR One of my favorite scenes in The Vanising Throne is when Kiaran and Aileana are reunited. What is your favorite scene?

EM Honestly, that was my favourite scene, too! I loved being able to clear the air and basically be like: yes, that kiss in book 1 meant something. I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen; the characters aren’t going to pretend it didn’t happen. So, adorably awkward hugs it is. Deal with it, Kiaran MacKay (and you know he secretly enjoys hugs behind that broody face).

RR We witness Aileana endure a cruel and painful emotional journey as she is Imprisoned by Lonnrach and tortured. Did you have any difficulty writing that part of the book?


EM Very much. Lonnrach’s torture was personal; it was meant to break Aileana physically and mentally. It’s hard to have a character go through that, and writing those scenes was difficult for me emotionally. My first draft kind of skimmed over them, but my editor thought it would be impactful if I added more scenes. When I did that, the little details (Lonnrach’s words and his actions) rippled through the rest of the book and affected Aileana in a much bigger way. So as difficult as it was, it added a great deal of emotional heft to the story.

RR The setting for this book has greatly changed, no longer are we treated to polite society gathering and balls, now we have this new post-apocalyptic world that devastating but is as equally fascinating. What kind of research went into creating this new setting?

EM I did a lot more research on faery lore to bring together the world-building. The first book goes into some aspects of fae culture, but The Falconer was Edinburgh-based and kind of small in its scope. The Vanishing Throne is more detailed and required a lot of fleshed out backstory to make it work. It has faery mythology that some people might recognize from other fantasy novels (Seelie and Unseelie Courts), and plenty more obscure bits of faery lore as well (passage of time in faery land, underwater faery kingdoms, etc). The big reveals in this book were especially shaped by the stories I read, but going into those would be spoilery! :)

RR Aileana a strong and capable heroine and she exhibits a contained rage and strength that builds as the story goes along. Where did you derive the inspiration for her strength? A soundtrack? Kick-ass adventure films?

EM From real women warriors and soldiers in history. From women I know and women I’ve read about. Women inspire me a great deal. We, all of us, are strong.

RR What are you working on now? Please say the sequel to The Vanishing Throne. Please, please, please....

EM :D !! I just finished up a round of edits for The Fallen Kingdom (The Falconer #3), so I am free to work on other things. At the moment I’m co-writing a book with Laura Lam, and also working on another YA project I’m super excited about.

RR I've read that you decided to spend less time online this year. How has this decision worked for you?

EM Well, lately I’ve had to spend more time online to promote The Vanishing Throne. But after this week, it’ll be back to 2 hours online a day. I loved limiting internet time. It keeps me calm and focused, and I get a lot more work done. I’ll be really glad when I can go back to it!

8. I really enjoy your Instagram feed because you take such beautiful photos. What do you enjoy more writing or taking pictures.

Thank you! I’d say I enjoy the process of taking pictures more because it’s something I do to relax when I’m not writing. It also gets me out of the house and out walking, which ends up benefitting my books in the end. But in terms of creative fulfillment, I get that more from writing. Writing was my first love!

Thank you, Elizabeth for such a lovely interview. I cannot wait for everyone to read The Vanishing Throne and get to enjoy it as much as I have. Please make sure to visit the other blogs that are participating in this tour. 

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