Event Recap by CHRISTY: STACEY LEE's Book Launch of #OUTRUNTHEMOON

Stacey Lee Gives Us the History Lesson We Didn’t Know We Needed in Outrun the Moon 

 “Even if I did climb to the top of that mountain one day, people will never stop seeing my color first, before me.” - Mercy Wong

Books, Inc - Palo Alto was packed with friends, family, fans, and tons of supporting authors last Thursday night as Stacey Lee launched her second book, Outrun the Moon. Upcoming author and Lee’s critique partner, Stephanie Garber, introduced Lee with a few reader praises, taken right from the Goodreads pages of both her historical fiction works.
From there, Lee did a masterful job of sharing both the history of the time period and its capture through the eyes of Mercy Wong, our Outrun the Moon heroine who wouldn’t let even the worst of natural disasters derail her life plan.


Lee shared photos of post earthquake Chinatown and shared two important pieces of Chinese-American history.  

Due to the Chinese Exclusion Act, the first law which excluded the immigration of a specific ethnic group, many families were barred from reuniting and bringing family over. In 1906, the San Francisco earthquake and fire destroyed local public records. After the fire, many Chinese claimed that they were born in San Francisco. With this citizenship fathers then claimed citizenship for their offspring born in China. SF city officials tried to move Chinatown after the quake but thanks to some quick advocacy by the Chinese Empress, Chinatown was allowed to stay where it still remains today. Lee also explained how moved she was that people of all races and economic status could come be good to one another in light of the natural disaster, which is how she came to write Outrun the Moon. Lee shared that her mother inspired Mercy’s strong, independent ways and that her mother-in-law helped her with the Chinese medicine pieces of the story. Additionally, the character Tom Gunn really was the first Chinese aviator. Lee originally named the book “The Unsinkable Mercy Wong” and later changed it because it sounded like a sinking ship (we like Outrun the Moon just fine!). As for her writing process, she’s old fashioned.

After some trivia and book giveaways, the crowd broke for festivities and book signings. It’s always a treat to see our Bay Area local author…Even more so with the launch for Outrun the Moon because ACTUAL TREATS. Look at this spread Stacey’s friends (and mom!) made for us.


Those of us who preordered Outrun the Moon were treated to handmade peacock fascinators. All in all, the launch was as big of a magnitude as that faithful nigh in 1906. If you haven’t yet checked out Outrun the Moon, our 5🌟review can be found right here. Let us know in the comments what you thought of Outrun the Moon or the launch event!>


  1. Yeaaaaaaah!!! I LOVED THIS EVENT! Stacey is amazing and I love her :)

    1. I loved the history she presented and all the treats her friends and family brought! 13 man hours for those moon cakes...can't even imagine :)

  2. What a great event recap! And I'm happy to have discovered your site. Your book event list is especially great - I haven't seen a roundup like this anywhere else. I'll be bookmarking this for sure!

    1. Are you Bay Area local? If so, come say hi if you see us :)


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