Waiting on Wednesday: DIE FOR YOU by Amy Fellner Dominy

Jill over at Breaking the Spine started this and I believe that it's awesome" This blog post is to alert those that visit about "the" book that we cannot wait to get our hands on.

Hello Everyone, happy WOW day! This week I have selected a novel that initially captured my attention due to its striking cover. Then I read the snyopsis and I am further intrigued. Maybe because there is so little out there about the book that my imagination runs wild with all the possible scenarios or maybe because I am a twisted soul. Either way I want this in my hands pronto.

Know that you know my WOW! What is yours?

by Amy Fellner Dominy
Published 2016 by Delacorte   

About 17-year-old Emma Lorde, whose beloved may do more than just steal her heart when Emma is offered an internship in Rome.


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