Top 10 of 2015 Day 1: Best Books I've read in 2015

Hello! and welcome to the top 10 list of 2015.

Thank you, for joining my lovely co-hosts and I on this fun challenge. We greatly welcome your participation and cannot wait to see what your lists look like. This year was a great year for books and I pushed myself to read out of my comfort zone and was very pleased with the results. I had hoped to read more than the 89 books that I have managed so far but I will strive for more next year.

Today’s post is centered on the Best Books I've Read in 2015. I had a difficult time in narrowing my choices but I feel that my selection truly reflects my favorites. Remember the choices on your list do not need to be released in 2015, just books that you have read this year.

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1. ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES by Jennifer Niven
I loved this book more than I can say. It is so beautifully written and with such compelling characters that my heart still aches every time I think about it. I had such an ugly cry over this book and I cannot wait until the movie hits the big screen.

 2. QUEEN OF SHADOWS by Sarah J. Maas
Queen of Shadows was so worth the wait. What an epic fantasy read focused on a kick ass female and her band of friends battling the big bad evil. It was a big book but as I was closing in on the end I found myself not wanting it to end. I am hanging on tender hooks waiting for the next installment which cannot get here soon enough.

3. MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover
Okay! I was really late in reading this contemporary romance and I admit I resisted because Colleen has a way of twisting my heart along with my insides and making me go through tissues like nobody's business. Loved the slow building romance and all the characters and the music was the cherry on top.

I usually have issues with the second book in a series because it usually feels like a filler novel and I tend to loose interest in continuing on. That is so NOT the case with this book by Claudia Gray. She did an amazing job with kicking this series up a notch and making it so intensely satisfying that leaves you crazy with want.

5. THE HEART OF BETRAYAL by Mary E. Pearson
This novel was my most anticipated read for 2015 and it did not disappoint. Mary E. Pearson continued to take me on a roller coaster ride of emotions while expanding on a world that continued to hold me captive. Beautifully written and exciting in equal measure.

My heart broke apart while reading this book. Such pain and emotion so well written that it is my favorite novel of Cynthia Hand that I have read. I think of this novel from time to time and can still feel the emotions of it all at the surface

Oh my heart! This book was so sweet and brave in love. I could not wait for those moments between Carla and Olly because they just seemed so perfect despite the chaos that surrounded their situation. And although I saw the twist coming I still ate it up with a big ole' spoon.

8. VISCOUS by V.E. Schwab
OMG! this book quickly became one of my top reads for this year with a plot so twisted and dark and with characters so compelling that I was left pleasantly surprised. Normally it would not have been a first choice for me but WOW! was this good.

9. SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo
I didn't think I would enjoy this book as much as I did, but I truly adored it. This book centered on a merry band of thieves trying to attempt the impossible had me entranced from the first word to the last and with a new crush.

10. NOVEMBER 9 by Colleen Hoover
I enjoyed reading this contemporary novel way more than I cared to admit. This story had my emotions all over the map and I was left emotionally spent when I finished. Yet, I was sad to leave these characters and all their November 9's

Although today's list concentrates on the top 10 favorites. I have a few books that didn't make the list but they deserve an honorable mention.

ILLUMINAE by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman
This space opera novel is not my preferred genre but I really enjoyed diving into this novel. By far one of the most interesting reads for this year and truly unforgettable.

WINTER by Marissa Meyer 
I enjoyed reading this series finale and hated to say goodbye to this creative twist on fairy tales. Each novel in this series got better with each subsequent novel and I am pleased to find out that there will be another novel set in this world due out next year.

NAMELESS by Jennifer Jenkins
I enjoyed this expertly written debut novel by Jennifer Jenkins and the world that she created with NAMELESS. I cannot wait for the next installment and where she will take me next.

These are Best Books I've Read in 2015. Did any of my favorites make your list? Fill out the linky below and share with us! Don't forget to stop by my other co-hosts blogs for you'll find a giveaway on one of them!


  1. I forgot All the Bright Places!! I don't even know how since I'm aways mentioning that book. I loved it for how real it showcases depression which is what every author should do when talking about something serious.
    Last night I finished Six of Crows and it was really good! As you, I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did.

  2. I decided to break today into 5 I DID read and 5 I hope I still CAN for my final big list in January!!! Glad I did b/c you named 2 of them, ATBP and SIX OF CROWS! I think it's interesting that everyone is choosing QoS as best, while I'm choosing ACOTAR!! Looooved Heart of Betrayal!! Can't wait for the finale!! Eep, and I still need to read cynthia Hand's new book! I saw the twist in Everything coming as well, and it reduced my enjoyment of the book, but I'm glad it's done so well! Haha, I'm not the only one who put off reading Vicious until this year!!! I read both it and ADSOM, which was my favorite of the two. But enjoyed both!! And Winter!! I'm SO excited for STARS ABOVE and the EPILOGUE, omg!!! I'm not ready to say goodbye, either!!! Eep, and I still need to get to Nameless, too, nooo!

  3. Have to add a few of your picks to my TBR pile. Everyone is talking about Colleen Hoover's book - November 9. And Jennifer Niven's. I desperately want to finish Cynthia Hand's book, but it made me tear up every time. So glad it made your top 10!

  4. LOL our lists are the same minus the contemps ;)


  5. This is a great list and I finally started Marissa Meyer's series. I love it and need to catch up. Thanks for hosting again this year =)

  6. I have Maybe Someday and November 9 on my list as well. I just added Cynthia Hand's to my ever growing TBR pile. Great, great list.

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