Top 10 of 2014: BEST BOOK COVERS OF 2014

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday. I hope that your enjoying our week of looking back on 2014. So far we have enjoyed our favorite books for the year and today we will share what we believe are the BEST BOOK COVERS for 2014. The rules for today's posting is pretty simple but man, oh man was it hard to just choose ten. I am a bit of a cover addict so It was particularly challenging to commit to.

Tuesday, December 24th - Best Book Covers of 2014 (MUST be a book released in 2014. Would be best if it's a book you've READ in 2014, but it's not required)

10. THE WINNER'S CURSE by Marie Rutkoski
Love the colors, the compostion and the font of this cover.

9. OF GODS AND MONSTERS by Laini Taylor
I really like the way this novel is set up and the color just makes this cover pop.
8. PLUS ONE by Elizabeth Fama
The concept of this novel is expertly depicted in this cover.

7. RUIN and RISING by Leigh Bardugo
The colors,font and overall composition make this a cover I simply adore

6. DELIVERANCE by C.J. Redwine
I love how she blends into the backdrop and how the color of her hair pops in this cover.

5. ILLUSIONS OF FATE by Kiersten White
I adore how the crows fly off her cup and into the great beyond. Very well done.

4.SUBLIME by Christina Lauren
I know that this cover has since been replaced by another cover but it is the one that got my attention. The ghostly girl and the partly naked boy is hot.

I love how this novel really depicts the geography of this unique time traveling drama. 

2. GATHERING DARKNESS by Morgan Rhodes
Just a gorgeous cover that reminds reminds me of the epic awesomeness that this novel embodies. I love the many shades of purple and how the light shines off the ominous blade.

1. IGNITE ME by Tahereh Mafi
The gorgeousness of this cover is by far my favorite of the year. I adore the concept change in these novels and I wish to hang all of these novels in my room.

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 Day 2: Best Book Covers of 2014


  1. I aboslutely LOVE the cover for Plus One. It's a recent addition to my bookshelf. It's such a pretty hardcover. :) I also love the covers of Dreams of Gods and Monsters and Ruin and Rising.

  2. Oh gorgeous cover picks! I would have added quite a few of them if they weren't series-ending books that I refuse to read! And loved that one for PLUS ONE. Must finish reading that book. Gorgeous cover!

  3. We have 5 covers in common! So many pretties! Gathering Darkness was a close one for me! But my list already went way over 10!

    Best Book Covers of 2014

  4. Three of your covers are on my top 10 list too! I hadn't seen the Sublime cover before; it's beautiful.

  5. I have both Ruin and Rising and A Thousand Pieces of You in hardcover and they both came very close to being in my top ten.

  6. Lovely picks! I especially love the cover of Illusions of Fate :)

  7. Really great picks! Ignite Me made my list, as well as Thousand Pieces of You. I love the cover for Sublime! Its waiting patiently on my TBR. :D seeing all these lists is making me realize just how many books I still need to get to! Happy Holidays!

  8. Great choices...I keep seeing Illusions of pretty!

  9. Wow, Plus One looks amazing! I also had The Winner's Curse on my list. Ahhh, pretty covers... *swoons*

    - Barbara @ My Bibliophile Mind

  10. Totally forgot about Gathering Darkness gah should have added that one!

  11. I would concur that those are some amazing covers :)


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