What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas: LoveNVegas Author Event 2014

Dear Readers, 

This year has been an adventurous one for me, especially with my reading. When I began this blog it was to showcase the YA reads that I loved and supported but as the years have passed things have change. I have changed, and thus my reading tastes have also been altered by this change. While YA will remain my favored reading genre I have began to embrace the New Adult genre with a great passion. Now, before you go scratching your head I would like to remind you that I am a older than the teen genre that I favor in reading and many years ago my preferred reading genre was Adult Paranormal. Just goes to show you that a reading preference can change and expand. I know that mine surely has and I hope that it will prove for bigger and better things for me and for my readers. I have slowly began to introduce the New Adult genre that I am also reading and I will promote events that I attend or that are in my area and when you see them please check them out. The one I am attending today is one I have have been looking forward to for some time. The flyer blow shows you the author lineup that is fun and fabulous and I cannot wait to share my pictures upon my return. My favorite is Jay Crownover!! because well...she is made of awesome in my book and my favorite new author that I just discovered (a bit late) this year. 

I know that this event might not be for some readers, but I am curious to see how many YA readers have moved on to some NA reads? a few, none....many?? My curious reading mind would love to know. And who of all these authors would you most like to meet?


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