Screening Review: THE MAZE RUNNER


I have been wanting to see THE MAZE RUNNER for some time because I am a fan of James Dashner and remember seeing him the first time he came to visit the SF bay area to promote THE MAZE RUNNER. I enjoyed meeting him and read his novel in one sitting so you can only imagine how very excited to get a couple of screening passes.

Screening passes for THE MAZE RUNNER!!!

Yesterday a group of book bloggers, family members and I had the privilege of going to a screening of THE MAZE RUNNER and we had a great time.

Local bloggers @ParnormalBookC and @leasha_91 family and I as we eagerly awaiting the screening of THE MAZE RUNNER


The movie starts off in the same jarring and confusing manner of the novel and quickly moves forward and does not stop until the very end. This fast pace that the move embodies keeps the plot moving forward while keeping you completely engaged and wholly invested in the characters. 

Dylan O'brien did a great job as Thomas as did the actors who portrayed Minho, Newt and Gally, but the other character that I just adored was Chuck portrayed by Blake Cooper. He was the heart of the movie and I could not help but compare him to CHUNK of the goonies :)

I was always curious as to how the grievers were going to be depicted and was completely creeped out by the nasty alien/spider mechanical creatures that were created for the big screen. I have to admit that I had to shield my eyes on several occasions, yeah I am that big of chicken but my arachnophobia would not allow me to witness anything more. Yet, what I did want to see and could not get enough of was the maze, it was exactly as I imagined it to be. I was amazed at how well it was depicted and enjoyed the attention to detail that was given to it.

For fans of this series I believe they will not be disappointed because this movie adaptation of THE MAZE RUNNER is relatively close to the novel without sacrificing any key points. The characters, scenery and plot are very well done and it will be very worth your time.

THE MAZE RUNNER will hit theatres FRIDAY, September 19. 


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