Today I have the pleasure of being a host on the FIREBUG Blog Tour for author Lish McBride. I have been a fan of her Necromancer series and am addicted to her wicked sense of humor. Lish has a fantastic way of spinning a scary story and giving it enough edge, gore and laughter that keeps you glued to each page and you can never get enough. I know as soon as I read that Lish was writing FIREBUG I was excited enough to dance a tiny jig and could not wait until it was in my hands.  So, you can imagine at how excited I am at being a part of this tour and getting to interview an author that I have long admired.

Lish McBride was raised by wolves in the Pacific Northwest. It rains a lot there, but she likes it anyway. She spent three years away while she got her MFA in fiction from the University of New Orleans, and she liked that too, although the hurricane did leave much of her stuff underwater. Her main goal in going to college was to become a writer so she could wear pajamas pretty much all the time. She currently resides in Seattle, spending most of her time at her day job at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park. The rest of her time is divided between writing, reading, volunteering at 826 Seattle, and Twitter, where she either discusses her desire for a nap or her love for kittens. (Occasionally ponies.)
She plays a fierce game of potato hockey, and by "fierce" she of course means that she plays dirty, not that she plays well.

Come and join me as I Interview Lish for her FIREBUG Blog Tour. Sit down and enjoy this amazing author for a bit and then at the end of the post make sure to enter in the FIREBUG giveaway. Enjoy and Good Luck!


 1.     Can you share a little of FIREBUG with us?

You can actually download the first five chapters on pretty much any device right now! Just go to wherever you purchase ebooks and you should be able to download it. (Look for the version that says FREE not the one that says pre-order. Unless you want to pre-order. In that case, you want that one. Heck, no one would stop you from doing both. Some, like myself, might even send you hugs via the Internet if you do so. 

2.     How did you come up with the title?

Well, the main character is a Firebug, so…it just made sense I guess? It’s really the only thing that worked. We tried thinking of other titles because originally marketing thought Firebug sounded too juvenile, but we couldn’t think of a better title. (And I’m glad, because I like Firebug.) 

3.     Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Not really. I’m sure there are messages, but that’s not how I approach writing. I don’t think, “What message/moral do I want to leave the reader with?” I think about story and character and figure the rest will sort itself out. Sometimes when writers are too focused on message or morals, you get a really dull book. 

4.     FIREBUG is highly atmospheric, filled with much action, friendship and sarcasm. What was your favorite part?

I feel like Firebug is a little more action oriented than my other books. The other two certainly had their share of sarcasm and friendship, but I think the amount of action sets Firebug apart a little from them. So I suppose that part. It was also interesting to write a whole book in first person instead of jumping about like I have been doing. In some ways, it was much more difficult, because first person does narrow what you can tell the reader a bit. It was also harder because I set the book in Maine and I’ve only been there twice in my entire life. Hold Me Closer, Necromancer and Necromancing the Stone are both Seattle based and I live in Seattle, so there wasn’t nearly as much research for setting. My brother and his wife live in Maine, so they were forced to read several crappy drafts of the novel to help me get things right. (And I still probably missed stuff.) Now that the book is finished, they probably won’t want to read it. Ha! 

5.     What are your current project(s)?

Working on the follow up to Firebug, and then a few secret projects after that. Editing a few short stories. That’s about it. Sorry to be so vague, but I don’t have a title yet for Firebug 2, and the other secret projects haven’t been sold yet so I can’t really say much.

6.  What are your 5 favorite books —and why?

            I don’t really have favorite books, at least not in the sense that I can do a top five. It depends on mood, and then it depends on what genre you’re talking about…I think I read too much to really break it down to a top number. Or maybe I’m just not that kind of person. I just finished Rae Carson’s series (loved it) and I’m about to start reading Leigh Bardugo’s latest. For comics, I’m reading Velvet. It’s pretty great. And I loved Saga. My son and I have been reading my friend Kelly Jones’ upcoming book Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer, and it is a stitch. Love the illustrations. Oh, and I just finished reading the new short story collection by Patricia Briggs. Love her books.

7.  What book are you reading now?

Whoops…I kind of answered that question above. Sorry—I don’t follow instructions very well. I’m usually reading several books at a time, though. My day job is bookseller, so I’m always trying to read books for the bookstore, then read books sent to me as an author, and then my personal choices…and then research…I’m kind of all over the place.

8.  Did you enjoy returning to this world and working with it again? What did you miss most?

Well, it’s returning and it isn’t. A lot of the stuff in Firebug is new. Different coast, different situation, different characters. So while it is set in Sam’s world, it’s almost completely new at the same time, especially since we were avoiding bringing in any old characters in Firebug. Now, in the sequel, I’ve worked in one or two faces you recognize, but it’s still fairly separate. I’m going to bring them together at some point, but we’ll see how that goes. It was fun thinking of all the new stuff and taking a different angle on the old, and I loved the new characters. But I have to admit, I missed Sam and his crew as well.

9.  What are your favorite books to give — and get — as gifts?

Gah—another question I can’t really answer. I feel bad now. Again, it depends on mood, what I’m currently binge reading, and for gifts, the person involved. I’ve worked in a few bookstores over the years, and I read a lot, so I do my best to try and match the book rec with the person. Of course you also have age to consider—if the gift is for a little kid, I have a real hard time because I love picture books and it’s hard to choose which to send. Skippy Jon Jones and the Llama Llama books have been long-time favorites in our house. I’ve bought a lot of copies of Hyperbole and a Half and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened to give to people. I just got my brother’s girlfriend hooked on Ilona Andrews. In my opinion, she gets some pretty drab covers, so I always have to do some fast-talking to get people to take the books seriously, but the series is a lot of fun. My ten-year-old niece, Mia, is a veracious reader, so I’ve been doing my best to keep her in books. She loves Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles (and the fact that I know Marissa has given me some street cred with my niece.), and I just sent her Shadow & Bone as well as a few of Tamora Pierce’s books. It’s been hard to keep up with her. 

10. Your writing style is highly addictive and I adore your twisted humor. Can you ever imagine writing a novel that isn't somewhat funny?

            No. I’m not actually sure it’s possible. I used to get in trouble a lot in college when I had to write papers. I would turn something in and then get in trouble for lack of scholarly tone. They kept telling me I couldn’t be funny, and I kept arguing that I wasn’t trying to be, and that I didn’t think the papers were funny at all. I never did quite manage it. So I’m not really sure I’m capable of such things.

11.  What genre do you consider your book?

            My books are sort of a weird mish-mash of genres. Almost a “let’s see how many we can fit in there” situation. They’re funny, but they’re horror, but they’re also urban fantasy…So I guess the reader can just pick the one they like best and call it that.

FIREBUG by Lish McBride

Ava is a firebug—she can start fires with her mind. Which would all be well and good if she weren’t caught in a deadly contract with the Coterie, a magical mafia. She’s one of their main hitmen . . . and she doesn’t like it one bit. Not least because her boss, Venus, killed Ava’s mother.
When Venus asks Ava to kill a family friend, Ava rebels. She knows very well that you can’t say no to the Coterie and expect to get away with it, though, so she and her friends hit the road, trying desperately to think of a way out of the mess they find themselves in. Preferably keeping the murder to a minimum, in Lish McBride's Firebug

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  1. Firebug sounds right up my alley with all the action. Adding this to my TBR.

  2. I really want to read Firebug because it sounds totally amazing!!

  3. There's a magical mafia in it! Plus tons of magic and supernatural creatures. I love books like that


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