GUEST POST with ERICA O'ROURKE: My Perfect Summer Day

My Perfect Summer Day

(Naturally, this is the weekend. The perfect summer is comprised entirely of weekends.)

6:30 Ignore alarm.

7:00 Ignore alarm

7:30 Ignore alarm

8:00 Destroy alarm

9:00 Get up. Drink a gallon of coffee while I read and eat some peanut butter toast.

10:00 Apply liberal amounts of sunblock. Walk to the nature preserve, unless it’s ungodly hot.

11:00 More coffee. More reading, maybe on the screen porch. Eat fresh cherries until I am nearly sick.

1:00  Take my kids to the library to revel in the air conditioning. Enforce our family’s five-books-per-person limit for them, but go way, way over for myself.

2:00 Stop at Starbucks: iced green tea for everyone!

2:30 Farm pickup: we get our produce each week from a local farm, which means it’s always a surprise. Decide who I can guilt into taking the beets off our hands. Beets are gross. (Technically, a perfect summer day would be beet-free, but…I can’t imagine such a thing.)

3:00 Take kids to the pool, but stay under an umbrella with a book while they wear themselves out. Revel in the scent of chlorine and sunscreen while not actually getting wet. Gossip with friends.

6:00 Dinner! Our favorite summer meal is fancy bread topped with sautéed greens, like kale or collards, and a little dollop of bacon jam. Yes, there’s such a thing as bacon jam. It is delightful.

7:00 Dessert! S’mores, or one of those Good Humor almond bars from the ice cream truck.

9:30 All kids are in bed or reading quietly, so I can read on the couch next to my husband while he watches Key and Peele or Charlie Rose or whatever he likes. Meanwhile, elves or other magical creatures clean up the kitchen.

1 AM: Sleeeeeeeep.


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