About Quarantine #3: The Burnouts

Lord of the Flies in a 21st century high school setting. Welcome to Quarantine #3:The Burnouts, where readers of The Maze Runner, Gone, and Divergent go when they’re ready for more dark, compelling, survival stories.

In the third and final Quarantine book, David and Will are alive...but on the outside of McKinley High. Lucy is the last of the trinity left inside, where Hilary will exact a deadly revenge before taking over McKinley and bringing one final reign of terror to the school before the doors open for good. But the outside world is just as dangerous for carriers of the virus.

Reviews of Quarantine #1: The Loners

2012 Summer IndieNext List (American Booksellers Association)

A Booklist Top Ten SciFi/Fantasy for Youth

“This is for fans of gritty sf dystopia, and Thomas’ whirlwind pace, painful details…simmering sexual content, and moments of truly shocking ultra-violence thrust this movie-ready high school thriller to the head of the class.”—Booklist, starred review

“The fast and gory action (one trap-filled hallway sequence is particularly memorable) should satisfy the core audience.”—Publishers Weekly

“The gritty, no-holds-barred, Lord-of-the-Flies-meets-Heathers plot will likely hook readers with a taste for bleak, action-packed survival stories.”—The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“A solid choice.”—School Library Journal

Reviews of Quarantine #2: The Saints

“With its morally dubious characters, charged sexual content, and double-take violence, this might be the darkest series going. Meanwhile, Lord of the Flies allusions (the adults’ benevolent arrival and, believe it or not, a pig hunt), add further interest. Here’s our demand: deliver the conclusion yesterday.”—Booklist, starred review

“This fast-paced novel will, however, appeal to fans of The Hunger Games trilogy.”—VOYA

“Thomas knows how to write a compelling story with flawed characters and intense situations.”—School Library Journal

About Lex Thomas

Lex Thomas is the pen name used by the screenwriting team of Lex Hrabe and Thomas Voorhies.

Lex Hrabe was a Drama Geek in high school as well as student body president. Lex received a BA in Drama and English from the University of Virginia and has worn hats as an actor, director, and writer. In addition to working as a screenwriter, he heads development at Cinespire Entertainment, a boutique production company.

If Thomas Voorhies were a character in the Quarantine trilogy, he would be a member of the Art Geek gang. Thomas graduated with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and continues to practice and exhibit his realist oil paintings. To see a selection of his artwork, visit

Lex Hrabe lives in Virginia; Tom Voorhies lives in California.

1) For those readers who are unfamiliar with the Quarantine trilogy how would you introduce it to new readers?
The quick pitch is the students of a high school get infected with a mysterious virus that makes them deadly to adults, causing all the teachers to die and the government to quarantine the school. A year later, they are still locked in their school and a society has formed where the cliques and social groups you know of from high school have formed gangs that compete violently for the food that the government drops in every two weeks. 
The story follows two brothers, David and Will, who struggle to survive without a gang, and who both love the same girl, Lucy. The three of them have to form their own gang to survive the nightmarish world their high school has become. 
2) The Quarantine series is frightening. How much time and research went into writing this novel?
Lots of time and very little research. I mean, we did google things, but does that even count? We checked a lot of stuff on the internet, but I like to write first research later. I didn’t get into storytelling to do research or to teach the reader things. I want an emotional reaction. I want the reader hungry to know what happens next, and affected when they find out. I’ll do as much research as I need to not make a glaring mistake. Some people find inspiration in research, but to me, it’s just something you have to do, like fact checking an article. It isn’t the important part. What’s important is to me is telling a story that stokes the emotions of the reader.  
3) Since this is your last novel in the series, what will you miss most about this terrifying world you’ve created?
I’ll miss getting to explore the world and learn more about it. By the time we were writing book two, the world was changing so much that I missed the world of book one. The third book has a lot of sneaking around, and you don’t spend that same time in the McKinley culture, so by the third I missed the worlds of both book one and book two. There is still a lot to mine in the world of each of the books, and we have still have so many ideas for stories that could happen within there. We’ve talked about doing a book of Quarantine short stories set within the timeline of the trilogy, to get a chance to keep exploring the gangs, and the world and all the stories of the people trapped inside. And if there’s enough demand we may do that in the future. 
4)Can you tell my readers what project(s) that you are working on now?
We are each working on top secret solo novels, both young adult, and both scary. I’m nearing the end of my rough draft, and Lex is far along as well. After we finish those, we’re gonna do our next Lex Thomas book together, which as of the last time we talked, will be a crazy story set in outer space. 
5) If you could become any of the characters in any of your books, who would you choose and why?
I’d be Gonzalo, because he’s the biggest guy in the school, a hulking monster who walks through the violent food drops with a fire ax over his shoulder, and everyone is scared to mess with him. If I were going to have to live in a place as violent and dangerous as the high school in the Quarantine novels, I’d want to either be so far in the background that no one even notices me, or so powerful that no one wants any trouble from me. The latter option sounds more fun.
6) How can fans find you?
Our website- 
Thomas’ instagram- @thomasvoorhies
7) I believe these novels would make a fantastic TV series, if it were possible and you had complete control of the project, whom would you cast?
I don’t really know teen actors that well these days so I never know who to say. Lex always says that Rihanna should play Violent, the leader of the Sluts. I disagree because Violent is more of a tough, scary character. She has sex appeal and confidence, but I feel like you should be scared of her first, attracted to her second. Who can be attracted to Rihanna second? 
We get asked this question a lot, so we need help. If any of our readers have casting ideas, please email them to us at
8)What do you find the most fascinating about your Quarantine series?
I think what’s most fascinating is the question of what would you do if you were in this situation? That question and others like it tend to pop up for our readers. What gang would you belong to? Would you be a Freak and dye your hair blue and dress like a ghoul? Would you be in Varsity with the athletes, or stay safe locked up in the school library as a Nerd? Would you join the Pretty Ones, or the Skaters, or fight along side the the Sluts? How would you handle it if conflicts escalated to violence, and there were no adults, no parents, and no police, just other teenagers and not enough food to go around? Would the chaos and brutality swallow you up, or would you adapt? These are fun, albeit scary questions to think about as you read. 
9)What message would you like for your readers to take from your books?
I don’t really have a message. I think themes naturally arose in the writing, like survival of the fittest, or what normal people are capable of doing when backed into a corner, but we don’t really write with a message in mind or to try to force a moral. I just want to tell readers a crazy story that feels true, and hope that they’ll get into it, get scared, and have some fun. 

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