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Years ago I went on a short trip overseas and had to room with a good friend that I had never shared a room with before. This was the first time that I had to room with someone that I knew and I was happy that I had a choice in this matter. I was sooo looking forward to this trip and being with my friend that I went in blind. It turns out that my friend was NOT a morning person and was very messy and disorganized. She forgot half of the toiletries that she needed for the trip, forcing her to use mine (of which I ran out of everything) which is soo not cool when you have curly hair and no hair taming product.

The messiness is something that I could overlook, but when it started to creep into my space and I found her clothes in my bed that I would soon break down, but I maintained my calm, it was not worth the fight.... until the next morning that we had to get up early and my "roomie" friend decided that she did not appreciate my cheerful demeanor at 6 o'clock in the morning and proceeded to inform everyone on our tour bus that I was a wretched soul hell bent on ruining her trip. That act of betrayal caused me to withhold all toiletries but I knew that in the end I would end up paying for that by having a stinky roomie.

So, a truce was made....she maintain her self onto her side of the room and I would maintain mine. It wasn't a treaty that would establish world peace but it made my trip a better experience.


I know that my "roomie" story is not the most interesting but I am sure that someone out there has a great story to tell and if you do I have an awesome contest for you.
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  1. I had a roommate my second semester was just great. We got along really well and still are friends :)

  2. My best friend and I share a college dorm for a semester and she drove me crazy.

  3. I can never sleep because of my room mates!

  4. I have thankfully never had a roommate. :)

  5. don't have to worry about a roomate ^^

  6. My first roommate at college was a random roommate...4 years later and we're roommates again after graduating! :)

  7. I haven't had a roommate yet.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. My first roommate and I did not get along... she stayed up late, listened to loud music, and watched re-runs of "Saved by the Bell" and "Beverlt Hills 90210" at ALL hours of the day and night.

    I was quiet person, going to bed early, getting up early, and spending my time studying. We eventually traded roommates with a couple of girls down the hall, and things got better immediately.

  9. The only room mate I've ever had was my sister. We shared a room for 15 years! It had its pros and cons, but it kept us close :) We're only 3 years apart, so we could talk about a lot of things. Thanks for this!


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